Ever get the feeling there's such a thing as too much choice….?


1. Coffee or not coffee, that is the question!



You know the feeling. You’re in a hurry and gasping for a coffee, so you rush into a well-known hot-beverage outlet, and order a white coffee. At least, you try to. But when ordering you’re bombarded with questions – what kind of white coffee do you want? A Flat White? A Latte? A Skinny Latte? An Americano or a Cappuccino?

Head spinning, you try to figure out which is closest to a regular white (Americano with milk, in case you’re wondering!) but the trauma isn’t over yet. You then have to endure the rigmarole of ‘Would that be Small, Regular, Tall, Grande..?’

So buying coffee is now like joining a dating agency?! Well, using that as a guide, we’ll go for the ‘Tall’ obviously…


2. Dough, D’oh!



Never mind your fancy foccacia, brioche, ciabatta or paninis here, just choosing a simple sliced loaf is a headache these days!

So here are your options: White Thick, Medium or Thin Sliced. Then you can have a mini version (those dinky slices are a devil for not popping out of the toaster, they’re so small!) But fear not, if you want less bread but full-sized slices, there’s even a half-sized loaf.

Then there’s your healthy options: Wholegrain, Wholemeal, Wholewheat (wholey-moley, what’s the difference between all these wholes? Flour apparently, we checked!)

Can’t make up your mind between white and brown? Then Half and Half is for you – half white and half ‘whole-something’! Honestly, it was easier when the milkman just plonked a Mother’s Pride on your doorstep…!


3. Spread dread!



So, you’ve selected your bread, but need something to spread on it… It ain’t gonna be easy!

We have spread that can’t believe it’s not butter (what is it then, please!) Something that’s utterly butterly, but again, it’s not actually butter! Then there’s marge (not Simpson), along with low-fat and unsaturated spreads, soya spreads, not to mention the olive oil and sunflower sort (which they say keep us looking young and stop us dying before our time). So why not put a little longer life on your knife?!


4. Milk(y) ways!



Want a drop of the white stuff! Full-fat? No, too naughty! Semi-skimmed? That’s acceptable by most. Dieting? Skimmed for you. Or 1% Fat is a choice that sits between semi and skimmed for indecisive dieters.

If you’re lactose intolerant you can have soya milk. And, who knew, but it seems you can milk a nut! Almonds to be precise, which is another lactose-free option. But not ideal if you’re lactose intolerant, but have a nut allergy!

And don’t even get us started on rice milk, oat milk and hemp milk! What next, potato milk?!


5. Snack attack…



Crisps have always been a bit of a minefield of flavours to choose from! Plain, salted, plain with a salt sachet, cheese & onion, salt ‘n’ vinegar,  prawn cocktail, smoky bacon etc. But that’s not new. What is new is the fancy gourmet flavours such as Black Pepper and Balsamic Vinegar or Blue Cheese and Port.

Or then there’s these promotional packs the crisp folk come up with, featuring limited-edition wild and wacky flavours – HP sauce, Cajun squirrel, onion bhaji, cheesy beans on toast, ranch raccoon. Rodent and earwax, anyone?!

And they come in all shapes, sizes and textures, too – ridged, wavy, curly, round, square, pyramid and so on.

Or if you don’t want your crisps to even be potato crisps, there’s those ‘vegetable chips’ which look like the burnt bits off the bottom of your mum’s Sunday roasting dish, and don’t taste a lot better, in our opinion.

Choices, choices, too many bloomin’ choices!


What shopping decisions do you find tough? Let us know!