From millionaire moggies to well-heeled hounds, you might want to ask these prosperous pets for a loan!


1. Blackie

Ben Rea was a wealthy recluse who’d once shared his mansion with 15 feline friends. The last surviving cat was Blackie, who inherited £7m of Ben’s fortune when he passed away in 1988. Needless to day, Blackie always had cash in the kitty.

2. Gunther

When it comes to rich pets, German shepherd Gunther VI really is top dog. He inherited his whopping £90m fortune from his doggy dad, Gunter III – who in turn had been the sole beneficiary in the will of his owner, a German Countess called Karlotta Liebenstein. Woof!

3. Gigoo

Hen with golden eggs (Photo: iStockphoto)

OK, so this isn’t actually Gigoo – just another c-lucky beggar! (Photo: iStockphoto)

When publishing mogul Miles Blackwell passed away, he left his £10m fortune to his chicken, Gigoo. This bird didn’t need to lay a golden egg – she could buy one!

4. Tinker

Alley cat Tinker was homeless until he was taken in and loved by a kind, elderly widow named Margaret. The following year, Margaret passed away and left her £100,000 savings to the former stray, as well as ownership of her £350,000 house in Harrow, Middlesex. A furrytail ending for Tinker, who went from from life on the streets to the lap of luxury.

5. Silverstone

Beloved tortoise Silverstone must have started living life in the fast lane when he inherited what’s thought to be £16,000 from his owner – bookshop tycoon, Christine Foyle. We wonder what the world’s richest reptile shells out on?


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