While the latest words to be included in The Oxford English Dictionary include ‘e-cigarettes’, ‘vape’, ’ twerk’ and ‘crowdfund' - what's next? E-cig brand blu eCigs, has predicted the next batch of new words and their definitions…


1. Sorrynotsorry

imge of woman saying whatever


An apology given by someone who feels they have nothing to apologise for, as in:

‘Skipped the gym and had a fry-up for breakfast instead, sorrynotsorry.’


2. Dench

image of hands in the air


An adjective meaning excellent or cool , as in: ‘My holiday to Ibiza is going to be so dench.’


3. Vapester

image of woman with an e-cig


A hipster who vapes: ‘Her e-cig looks so good with her outfit – she’s such a vapester.’


4. Fleek

imge of woman with thumbs up


To meet high standards and satisfaction: ‘I look and feel great. I am so on fleek.’


5. Pelfie

image of woman and dog taking a selfie


To take a selfie with your pet: ‘I took the cutest Pelfie with my dog Barney today.’