With the return of Masterchef, here are 5 brilliant food prep tips that will save you hours in the kitchen!


1. Spud you like!

Forget the traditional way of peeling an apple, this time-saving tip will have you peeling in seconds! Perfect if you have a large amount of apples to peel.


2. It’s no yolk!

Recycle an old water bottle for a faster way of seperating the egg white from the yolk, this genius!


3. Game of two halves!

How to cut 20 tomatoes in 5 seconds!


4. Don’t crack it!

Here’s a great way of creating scrambled and hard boiled eggs without cracking the shell. This tip is worthy of being a party trick!


5. Get all the juice!

This time saving tip makes sure no limes go to waste!


For more brilliant tips like these, visit Handimania’s website. Have you got any time saving kitchen tips of your own? Let us know!