A world of 360-degree videos for you to explore awaits you on YouTube – from a 360-degree acrobatic flight over the Alps to a front-row seat at a fashion show. You’ll be able to watch all of these on a standard Web browser using a mouse to control which direction you look, but we think it’s a much better experience to open the YouTube app on your smartphone and move your body as you view the action.


1. Skydiving with the GoPro Bombsquad

Ever wondered what it’s like to skydive this immersive video is probably the closet thing you can experience without jumping out of a plane. The camera is positioned on top of one of their heads as team of skydivers and wingsuiters jump.

2. Invasion! Sneak Peek 360

It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s quirky this little gem from the director of Madagascar is a sneak peek of a series of Dreamwork-style animamtions that are available as a Samsung Gear VR app. You can watch it in 2D on your desktop or in 3D in Cardboard.

3. Bjork’s Stonemilker music video

Icelandic pixie Bjork’s 360 music video for her Stonemilker track is worth checking out, never afraid to get involved with emerging tech her videos are always original. Shot in Iceland this film features multiple dancing Bjorks.

4. 360° cockpit view

Bringing you closer than ever before to the action of the Swiss “Patrouille Suisse” display team  join them in mid air for a seat in the cockpit and enjoy a 360-degree view while flying over the Swiss Alps while performing some close quarter acrobatics.

5. All Access Jason Wu: NYFW

Preparing for a runway show at New York Fashion Week is a complicated and intense process. Long days spent designing and sewing clothes give way to even longer nights filled with model castings and fittings. Designer Jason Wu, best known for making both of Michelle Obama’s inaugural gowns, says some of his favorite pieces come together just two or three days before the show. “That’s where all the magic happens,”  the Wall Street Journal’s slick 360 video takes a look at the designers New York Fashion Week show and preparations via a peek into his studio.

6. Dreamtime: Deep Dream VR Experience

A meditation on imagination and the unknown, DREAMTIME is the first cinematic use of Googles deep dream generator to achieve a VR experience, placing you within a dream that is half human and half machine, it’s a very trippy experience.