Luton Town, famous for hatmaking, Vauxhall Motors, and that Campari Advert! But if you born here in the 70s, here's a few other things that you will remember!


1. Someone in your family worked for Vauxhall.

Britain Germany Opel GM

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2. Non Lutonians thought it was hilarious when they did their best Lorraine Chase impression, “Nah, Luton Airport!”  It also sparked this little ditty!

3. At some point, you bought a pair of jeans from Fair Maiden in Bury Park.

4. Meeting your mates at the town hall clock before a night at the Coliseum was a ritual.

England Luton Town Hall Memorial

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5. Staring at bees on a school trip to Wardown Park Museum and why was the whole place so dark!

US Jug

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6. You still refer to Hatters Way as the The New Road.


Nigel Cox

7. Tin Town.

8. Having a burger and cocktails in Chicago’s on Park Street felt very cool when it first opened.

9. You went toy shopping at Zodiac.


10. You still call it the Arndale Centre, not The Mall.

11. Your parents used to take you to the airport to watch the planes through a wire fence as you slowly lost your hearing…and it always rained.


12. You enjoyed a lock in at Eddies.

13. You got your feet measured in a weird x-ray machine at the Co-op.

14. Hoping your name would be read out by BC on Anglia television for your birthday.


15. The pink flamingo fountain in the Arndale.


16. Listening to Phil Fothergill, Paul McKenna and Louie Martin on Chiltern Radio 97.6.  Bet you had a car sticker too!

17. Hoping your mum would pick up some donuts with that French Stick when she went to Don Millers.

18.  Everyone went to Dell Farm on a school trip.

19.  Visiting Santa at the grotto upstairs in the huge Co-op that had fish tanks on the staircase.

20.  Being slightly scared of the top board at Bath Road swimming pool.


21. The Millwall riot of 1985.

Soccer - FA Cup - Sixth Round - Luton Town v Millwall - Kenilworth Road

22.  Jimmy’s Kebab Shop.

23. When The Heights was just Heights.

24. Drinking at The Cock and moshing at The Switch if you were an indie pop kid or Goth.


25.  Eating lunch at The Golden Egg, upstairs in The Arndale was a treat.

26. Drinking and dancing at Charlies Browns and the Mad Hatters.

27.  A trip to Dunstable meant navigating the double donut roundabout.

28. Chasing pigeons through George Square.

39. Getting the school bus into town just to have a Brown Derby at the Wimpy.


30. Getting free ‘champagne’ from the DJ at Genies.

31. You’ve definitely eaten at The Old Moat House.

32. Driving to spooky Clophill late at night, just to scare yourself silly.  The house numbers are backwards and the headstones are in the shape of a horse shoe!

Clophillchurch Brookie R N Marshman

R N Marshman

33. If you were Irish, your parents definitely knew Kingsley Black’s parents.

Iain Dowie leaps for a high ball

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34. You can remember when the Luton Carnival was just a steel band and some kids doing Riverdance.

35. You promised yourself you’d move somewhere else when you grew up!