Outsiders might mock our town, but when us Croydonites see the iconic 50p building - or as we know it the 'wedding cake' or 'threepenny bit' building - looming on the horizon we get that warm, fuzzy feeling that tells us we're home!


1. You went to Cinatras nightclub hoping not to see your mum, then pulled someone twice your age anyway!

2. You spent your pocket money on the arcade machines in Surrey Street Market on many an occasion, all 12p of it!

3. You got your shoes from Mr Pato and the rest of your wardrobe from Remy’s on Surrey Street. You bought (if a man) from C&A, and Remy’s buying your Farrahs, Lois cords, Lyle & Scott and slip on shoes and white toweling socks we’re the must haves. Girls would be lost without Tammy Girl, legwarmers, and rah rah skirts…

4. You went to the little mock Tudor cafe called Roystons in West Croydon
for the best Sunday Roast around. Extra roasties please.

5. You went to the Blue Orchid – a popular haunt through out the 80s and 90s. You could have bumped into Dane Bowers or the Crystal Palace football team, and probably tripped up the stairs at least once. I think I can still smell the dance floor.


6. When you thought the hill at Farthing Downs was the size of a mountain!

7. Kate Moss is the obvious one but Croydon boasts many celeb connections. For starters the best sitcom of all time was filmed here. No not just Terry and June but Peep Show! Dame Peggy Ashcroft, Kirsty MacColl and a host of others have lived and worked here.

8. You thought you were an intellectual if you spent afternoons studying in the Croydon Library, still to this day still a stunning piece of architecture!

9. Crystal Palace football team, located in South Norwood, were dubbed the team of the 80s under Terry Venables. Mixed fortunes have followed over the decades but who doesn’t love the sound of the roar from Selhurst Park?

10. So you thought you were pretty alternative did you? In that case you hung out in either The Ship or the Black Sheep Bar. The latter was previously known as the record shop called That’s Entertainment where you probably bought the latest LPs. Either that or you got them from Beanos instead.


11. If they weren’t your bag you went to the Stairway above the Blue Anchor for indie nights getting a kebab from Brothers on your way home.

12. You thought Thornton Heath was posh. Not so sure you’d say that now! And there really was a pond there once.

13. You fell asleep (drunk obviously) on the train home from a big night out in London Town and ended up in Brighton. This after the serious debate of getting a Flames burger outside Victoria station at 4.30am.

14. You hung around outside The Bath Recording Studios on Lombard Roundabout hoping for a glimpse of regulars Buster Bloodvessel or Captain Sensible. Happy talk indeed…unless they sneaked out the other exit.


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15. You went swimming at the Purley Way outdoor pools (before it became
the Water Palace) What is that floating in the shallow end?

16. You told people you were from south London or being even more vague ‘Surrey’. Oh the shame why not embrace it!? It’s not like it’s Coventry!

17. You went to the Swan and Sugarloaf singles night. Even if your weren’t single…very naughty. Not you again mum!

18. You thought the flashing dance floor in Flares was amazing. The one in Reflex was never as good. To be honest everything was flashing by the time you got in there.

19. You hung around the Whitgift center and sometimes rode bikes or skateboarded down the spiral ramp and continued on to Zodiac and Beatties toy stores. The Fairfield halls also proved a great venue for Bmxing and boarding. How many times did you ‘stack it’ there? I still have scars to prove my mispent youth.


20. You played ‘nervous’ on the rec. A typically south London game. Wandering hands!

21. You remember avoiding what a dog had produced in Canterbury park (White chalky dog food diet in the 70s) playing football, and shied away from the red slide because someone had put Stanley knife blades on the slide. Ahhhh the pre-health and safety days of the 70s!

22. You met a few Z list celebs of the day at Allders during the summer holidays – Keith Chegwin, Maggie Philbin, Dave Prowse (Green cross code man), Barry McGuigan to name a few. The 80s were great, just great! But so often you’d ponder ‘When will Timmy Mallet ever come?’

23. You got your haircut at Tony and Petes, or Mr Clips. Cheap as er clips.

24. Many a messy forgotten night at the Tavern, Rat and Parrot, Cafe Moonshine,  King Cellar bar Brannigans, Bar Med, Bar Monaco, Pals, Heroes? Cro Bar and Scarletts. I’m basically listing pubs that did the job!

25. If you were a bit of an outsider, you hung out in the picturesque Queens Gardens. ‘Why is life so complicated!’

26. You remember when Addington really was a beautiful quaint village. It still has its, erm, charm?!

27. We know it’s really THE place to be for a property hotspot! Easy London commute and countryside on the doorstep. Up the Croydon!