Or should that be Jane Bond..? OK, so we don't actually know who's going to step into Daniel Craig's 007 shoes - but here's a few quirky facts about the rumoured contenders to leave you shaken and stirred with anticipation...


Tom Hiddleston

Bond: Tom Hiddleston

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• The great-great-grandfather of the super-sexy The Night Manager  star was Sir Edmund Vestey, made a Baronet for supplying food to British troops during the First World War. Proper hero stuff!
• Tom’s eyes water involuntarily when he gets spooked (he’s NOT crying – honest.)
• If he’s popping round for a cuppa, serve Earl Grey with a splash of milk. Kettle on, ladies..?

Jamie Bell

Bond: Jamie Bell

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• Supports Arsenal.
• Offer him a banana-flavoured Yazoo milkshake. Aww, bless him. Lil Billy Elliot!
• Best quote: ‘I’m a hard-mouthed north-eastern lad. That’s me – the Eminem of Northeast England.’

Idris Elba

Bond: Idris Elba

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• Supports Arsenal.
• His full name, Idrissa Akuna Elba, is of Krio African origin. His dad was from Sierra Leone and his mother was from Ghana.
• He used to be a member of the National Youth Music Theatre. Get you!

Damian Lewis

Bond: Damian Lewis

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• He plays the guitar and the piano.
• Best quote: ‘If one of your fantasies is lying on a bed in Hollywood, surrounded by eight naked women, then another is to have a beautiful wife and a nice rambling house in London with three kids running around…perhaps it’s good to have a bit of tension in your fantasy life.’
• His middle name is Watcyn, ‘son of Walter’ in Welsh. There’s lovely.

Tom Hardy

Bond: Tom Hardy

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• Reckon he’s phwoarsome? You’re not alone… Aged 21, he won The Big Breakfast‍‍’‍s Find Me a Supermodel comp.
• He’s not perfect, however. The little finger on his right hand is permanently bent – he stabbed a knife into a chopping board and severed a tendon in his finger. Youch!
• He has a tattoo with his agent’s name on his left arm. Handy!

Aidan Turner

Bond: Aidan Turner

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• He’s very good with balls. Yes, he can play snooker – practised a lot as a youngster in Dublin. But the thought of becoming a professional seemed too ‘far fetched’, so he signed up for acting instead.
• He’s very good at ballroom (dancing). Yes, he even competed internationally, representing Ireland. To see Aidan throw a few shapes behind the scenes of Poldark, click here.
• That hair? he says, ‘ I don’t know whether I’m that proud of it – I mean it looks a bit “wiggy”…’

Henry Cavill

Bond: Henry Cavill

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• Odd-shaped balls… He likes rugby (but no longer plays due to injuries).
• He often wears a signet ring featuring his family coat of arms on the small finger of his left hand – keep an eye on his pinky!
• He says if he hadn’t gone into acting, he would have joined the armed forces to fulfil his ‘patriotic pride’.

James Norton

Bond: James Norton

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• His very first role was playing Gwen Stefani in a school miming competition in 1998. We can see it… just!
• Keeping it in the family, he’s been known to get his dad (a retired college lecturer) in as an extra on shoots.
• He has type-one diabetes.

Gillian Anderson

Bond: Gillian Anderson

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• More cheese Gromit? She’s said her favourite film is Aardman’s The Wrong Trousers.
• In high school, she was voted ‘Class Clown’ and ‘Most Bizarre Girl’.
• Talking of bizarre, in The X-Files she had to stand on a box to film many scenes. (Yes, mini-would-be Jane Bond is only 5ft 3in tall.)


Who would YOU like to see as Bond?