First generation, second generation or fifth cousin, twice removed, if there is a bit of Irish in you, you'll recognise this shower.


1. Flat lemonade is medicine.

2. You can’t believe other people don’t have hundreds of cousins.

3. All weather is fierce.

4. Going out with wet hair will inevitably lead to death.

5. There is a patron saint for everything.

6. Leaving the immersion on meant leaving home.

7. At some point, someone has lit a candle for you.

8. Saying goodbye on the telephone takes longer than the actual conversation.

9. As a child, you were always told, “Don’t be bold”.

10. You daren’t leave the house without a coat.

11. Force feeding people a sangwich, usually egg and ung-ion as soon as they walk through the door.

12. You stopped shifting the fella in the nightclub cos you both had to stand for the National Anthem.

13. If it doesn’t include potatoes, it’s a snack not a meal.

14. Not remembering if people are alive or dead.

15. Being told about people who have died and not having a clue who they are.

16. Leaving washing out in the rain will send you straight to hell.

17. Irish people don’t use hotels, if they met you once, five years ago, they’ll be staying at yours.

18.  You’ve defintely been told to, “Cop yourself on”.

19.  If washing has been hung in 30 degree sunshine for three days solid, it will still need to ‘air’ before you can go anywhere near it.

20. “I will yea” means “No”.

21. Tea is more important than Mass.

22. Somewhere in the house there is a clear bottle with a blue lid, in the shape of the Holy Mary.

23. Never getting a 99 cos there’s a choc ice in the freezer.

24. Every room has a big light.

And finally…just for the craic, take a look at this lot trying to say Irish names and making complete eejits out of themselves!