You might not collect your bus pass anymore, but there are still plenty of reasons why turning 60 is simply the best!


1. It’s just a number! You don’t look any different, and no-one cares how old you are but you!

2. You don’t have to act your age. You really CAN be or do anything you want!

3. Whatever the latest fashion is – you’ve been there, worn that – and did it SO much better first time around. Flared trousers, check; hippy dippy maxi dresses, check; miniscule hot pants – check, check, check!

4. But now you can wear what you like! Leather trousers, a biker jacket, skinny jeans – go for it! No-one can dictate your dress style anymore!

5. You’ve paid off your mortgage! 25 years ago it seemed like an eternity, but now your home is your own.

6. Those workplace pensions you paid into all those years ago are now paying out. Every little helps!

7. You don’t know who’s in the charts, or what TOWIE stands for – and it really doesn’t matter! Puff Daddy…pfft! Emojies – what? Who cares!

image of baby hand and old hands touching


8. Grandchildren – you can spoil them rotten, without the responsibility of being a parent – and then give them back at the end of the day. It’s a win, win situation!

9. You can choose to grow old gracefully – or not. Have extensions put in your hair, dye it, grow it long, and keep the wrinkles at bay with botox, fillers – even a face lift!

10. Over 60, you’ll pay less to enter exhibitions, the cinema, stately homes, castles and the like – and membership of the National Trust just got a whole lot cheaper.

11. Yes, those Saga leaflets WILL drop through the door and into your inbox, but there’s no shame at all in taking up a cheaper insurance deal!

image of woman wearing flat shoes amongst high heeled shoes


12. You know for sure that high heels are the work of the devil – and you can finally wear flats day and night without feeling guilty.

13. You also know it’s perfectly okay to stay home on a Saturday night.

14. Yes – sex really CAN be better as you grow older – and yes – quality really is far more important than quantity!

15. The menopause is a distant memory!

16. You have the gift of hindsight in bucketloads, so in theory at least you’re less likely to make as many mistakes as you have in the past!

17. Travelling is cheaper. A Senior Coachcard (£10) gives you a third off all National Express coach fares, and a Senior Railcard (£30) a third off all standard and first class rail tickets.

18. Prescriptions are free when you’re ever 60.

19. Sight tests are free!

20. Your kids have turned into really capable, lovely, interesting and independent adults.

21. …and they’ve finally all left home – the place is yours again!

22. You can downsize to a smaller home – and blow the money on travelling the world!

image of woman and man waving