It may be one of our favourite pastimes, but it can also be flipping infuriating too. Whether it's in the shops or online, here's our list of some of the decisions us girls face when clothes shopping...


1. Do I really need this?

If you’re asking, ‘Do I really need this?’ then the answer is probably ‘no. But sometimes it’s hard convincing yourself this!

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2. Why I can’t find anything?

So you have time to shop and money to spend. But it always seems, when you’re fully prepared, you can never find anything you like…

3. I just want everything!

When you don’t have the dosh, you just want everything!!

4. This is the best day ever!

There are those occasions when you have the most successful shopping trips. Oh, the satisfaction – you can’t wait to go home and admire your new purchases.

5. Why did I bring my boyfriend?

There’s nothing worse than clothes shopping with someone who doesn’t want to be there. Just another half hour…honest! And stop lurking, too…

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6. Why didn’t I sort this sooner?!

Shopping under pressure is the worst. All the stress leaves you wondering why you didn’t plan earlier. The clock is ticking until the shops close or next-day delivery time runs out – HELP!!

7. How disappointing!

Online shopping is great, but its a heart-sinking moment when you open your parcel and your item is absolutely nothing like how it looked on the website. Back to square one…

8. Ooh, sale!

Who doesn’t love a sale?! But there’s a pang of horror when you see some of your past purchases on the sale rack. Then again…think of the NEW bargains!

9. I can always take it back…

You can change your mind. Whether it’s online or in the shops, you usually have a whole month to decide. It’s a shame you can’t return them when you’ve only worn them once. But there’s always eBay…

10. How much?!

You have to consider the wears you’ll get out of it. Yes, a coat may be pricey – but think of the amount of times you’ll wear it. That’s your justification, anyway!



11. Where are the fitting rooms?

So, you’re in a rush, or just plain shattered, and it always seems the fitting rooms have a huge queue, are closed or are about a mile across to the other end of the shop. Hmm, are you really bothered?!

12. Which one?!

So you’re on a budget, and you can only really afford one outfit. But there are times where you’re torn between several options… Sometimes, it seems like the biggest decision you’ve ever made!

13. Does it suit me?

Occasioanally, you try be brave with your style and opt for a more daring outfit. But often you can’t help but feel utterly ridiculous looking in the mirror. I guess models are models for a reason – they can pull off anything!

14. I’m worn out

Shopping is great exercise and walking around the shops for hours on end is tiring! Still, it means you love the part of going home, sticking the kettle on and putting your feet up after a big shopping trip. Unless you opt for online shopping, of course – where you can do all of this WHILE shopping!

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15. Which size?

This is particularly difficult with online shopping. Sizes seem to come up differently everywhere. But worse still is when you’ve found exactly what you were looking for, but they don’t have your flipping size in stock!

16. Will my order arrive on time?

It’s a tense time waiting for your parcel to arrive. When you need your purchase for a certain day, you just pray it arrives when they say it will. Standard delivery? Next-day delivery? You want it NOW!

17. We’re sure there was something else…

You know those trips where you get home and realise you forgot to get something while you were out..? Usually things like tights or undies to go with your new dress… Looks like you’re not done yet!

18. Oops!

We’ve all had a moment where we managed to get ourselves into a badly fitted item in the changing rooms, but couldnt get OUT of it! Scissors!

19. Too busy

Especially on Saturdays and around Christmas, the shops can get rammed. And it means longer queues, badly stocked shelves and more time driving around the car park trying to find a space. Time to hit the Net!

20. Going, going, gone…

So often these days, a shop you planned on visiting is has closed down or moved location. Typical!

21. The perfect dress

Yes, shopping can be very annoying at times, but let’s face it, nothing beats finding the perfect outfit and feeling wondeful in it!!

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