Famous for giving the world Kate Bush, the dreaded 'Beast of Bexley', and the infamous Crook Log Leisure Centre (come on, surely you’ve heard of that!), celebrate with us the glory of growing up in London’s (or Kent’s?) greenest suburb - Bexley!


1. We’re a London borough in the county of Greater London, but our postal addresses say Kent… So which one are we? Does anyone actually know?

2. You still have a soft spot for the tired and dingy old Crook Log swimming pool/leisure centre, even though they demolished it and built a swanky new one on the other side of the road.

3. The Christmas lights and decorations outside the vicar’s house in Danson Crescent get bigger and better each year.

4. Every year you’d go to the Danson Park Festival for a day of fun, frolicking, fairground rides and free live bands – remember when Red Dwarf star Craig Charles turned up with his funk band?

Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park - London

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5. The fish roundabout in Erith is still the most terrifying thing EVER, even after you’ve passed your driving test.

6. You get excited every time you watch A Clockwork Orange and a scene filmed in Thamesmead comes on.

7.  J. Ayre’s is hands-down the greatest bakery in the world, serving the best sausage rolls you have, or will ever taste in your entire life!

8. The excitement of Bexley’s first Nando’s opening in Crayford. You and your burning mouth haven’t looked back since!

Nandos sign

9. The place to meet your friends was at the statue of the Cannon in Welling…

10.…or failing that, the Bexleyheath clock tower!

11. Spending hot summer days at the old Tudor house grounds of Hall Place with your mates, dogs, and a football.

12. You proudly tell people who’ve never heard of Bexley that Kate Bush was born and raised here – as if we somehow had a part in her success.

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13. No matter how many times its name changes, the Bexleyheath bowling alley will always be Megabowl to you…and going is a thrill no matter how old you are!

14. As a kid you’d climb on the ruins of Lesness Abbey regardless of how many times you were told not to.

15. Turning 18, you’d smugly hand over your ID in Bexley Village pubs, only to find out they’re all over 21’s.

16. You pronounce ‘Greenwich’ as ‘Grin-itch’.

17. You went on at least one school trip to artist William Morris’ Red House.

18. You were sure the Drayman pub was refurbished and had a different name every time you walked past it…before they finally gave up and turned it into flats a few years ago.

19. Oxleas Woods was the best place for bike-riding and dog-walking during the day, but come night time, a great place for some cheeky underage drinking…

20. You loved The Yacht pub in Bexleyheath as a kid because of its amazing garden and bouncy castle.

21. You remember when there seemed to be a new sighting every few weeks of our very own urban legend, ‘The Beast of Bexley’, the mysterious black leopard that supposedly prowled the suburban wilderness at night. Is it still out there…?