Famous for its roundabouts and being the birth place of Billie Piper, we loved growing up in good old Swindon!


1. Everyone called our very own sky scraper – the David Murray John Tower – the John Murray building, but we had no idea who DMJ actually was.

2. You went to nappy nights at Cairos before it became Eros, then you stopped trying to keep up with the ever-changing names.

3. You remember Swindonian Billie Piper since long before her days in Doctor Who. Remember those Smash Hits ads? ‘100% pure POP!’

PA Photos

PA Photos

4. Bigger kids told you that there were razorblades at the bottom of the pool at the Oasis Leisure Centre but when you got older you realised they were lying and just wanted the Domebusters and wavepool to themselves.

5. You still don’t know if the urban legend is true that the band Oasis took their name from our leisure centre, but choose to believe it anyway.

6. You felt a little bit proud when Ricky Gervais wrote ‘the Swindon lot’ into The Office.

Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 14.39.037. Your radio was permanently tuned to GWR who promised ‘no rap, less chat’. But they did always seemed to play the advert with a catchy jingle for Corsham Building Plastics. You can still remember their phone number to this day.

8. It was a fact that only swots went to New College.

9. At the Brunel Rooms, you never knew if you’d had too much to drink, or if you were just stood on the revolving bar area. Usually it was both.

10. Everyone you’d ever met was born at PMH.

PA Photos

PA Photos

11. You’re still a bit confused as to exactly why Swindon is twinned with Walt Disney World.

12. You pronounced the shop Pree-mark and thought everyone else did too. Not that you’d have been seen dead there, until the noughties when it suddenly got cool.

13. There were sculptures everywhere, like the statue of Isambard Kingdom Brunel behind the shopping centre and the acrobats by McDonalds. But your appreciation of public art only extended as far as sitting on them while you ate your chips.

14. You worried that you’d never get your driving licence thanks to the formidable Magic Roundabout, which had to be tackled on every Swindonian’s test.



15. You became an instant football fan when Swindon Town FC was briefly promoted to the premiership in 1993. But then lost interest again when they got relegated the next year.

16. All the grown ups you knew worked at Honda, Motorola or Nationwide.

17. You knew you were classy when you went out to the bars in Old Town, rather than the bottom of town.

18. You remember when Wetherspoons at the top of town used to be a cinema, and you probably saw your first film there, after checking the show times in the Adver.



19. You felt sad when they shut McIlroys even though you never shopped there, and weren’t actually sure what they sold.

20. Sunny days were spent in Lydiard Park or Coate Water, perfect for admiring historic buildings, enjoying nature…  and a spot of sneaky underage drinking.

21. The opening of the Outlet Village was one of the defining moments of your childhood