Whether you like or loathe flying, getting on a plane marks the beginning of many a much-loved holiday. Flying definitely has its ups and downs...


1. Hate other passengers

Being cooped up with smelly and noisy co-travellers for hours on end can definitely take its toll! How can they make so much noise? And yes, we can smell your farts!

2. Love leg room

That moment when you realise you’re by an exit is a bit like Christmas. For once, you can stretch your legs out. Yes, it means you don’t have a space in front for your bags – but who cares? That’s what the overhead lockers are for.

3. Hate people who recline the seat in front of you

This is especially annoying when food is being served. How are you supposed to eat with their chair in your face?

4. Love being next to an empty seat

All the other passengers are jealous – yay!

woman on plane, love and hate flying


5. Hate being next to an inconsiderate passenger

Oi, that’s my arm rest, not yours!

6. Love on-demand in-flight entertainment

Want to see the latest releases at the touch of a button? Yes please! You can catch up on all those films you missed at the cinema. Need to go to the loo mid-flick? No problem, just pause the action and start again whenever you please.

7. Hate long flights

They are SO boring! You start to feel trapped after the first couple of hours. By the end of the flight, you feel like you’re escaping a prison.

8. Hate aeroplane food

What on earth IS it? Yes, the weird plane food is less than pleasant, yet somehow we love picking through it anyway. Plastic chicken anyone?

group of people on a plane eating food


 9. Love flights that decide to serve ice cream

Ice cream? On a flight?! It seems like the best idea ever and keeps you occupied for at least 5 minutes.

10. Hate cabin pressure messing with your ears

You know, that point when your ears pop and you can’t hear a thing. You feel like your head is going to explode! Pardon?

11. Hate lack of cabin moisture

How is it possible that flying dries out your skin THIS much? Your face feels like paper and you wonder if it’s possible to bathe in moisturiser.

12. Hate delays

That dreaded moment when you look at the departure board and see the D-word. There’s only one thing worse – when the big yellow letters say Cancelled. Your heart sinks…

departures board love and hate flying


13. Love it when you make up time

So, one minute you’re delayed and the next they’re announcing that you’re going to arrive early. Tailwind, we salute you!

14. Love duty free

It feels like guilt-free shopping. You go crazy at the airport and still look at the duty-free catalogue on the plane, just in case…

15. Hate turbulence

It’s horrendous! You feel scared and sick at the same time. It doesn’t help that you’ve normally just eaten that weird plane food.

16. Hate trying to sleep on a plane

It’s impossible! How do people do it? You manage about 20 mins before you get excruciating cramp and give up completely.

love and hate flying


17. Love the view of the sunset

Breathtaking! With the clouds below you, the sun is free to give you a great show, and it doesn’t disappoint.

18. Love your destination

Getting on a plane normally means one thing… HOLIDAY! Our summer getaway wouldn’t be the same without flying somewhere, preferably sunny and exotic. Even on the return journey, we’re still relaxed and happy with our break from normality.

19. Love your home

If you’re lucky, you get to see the place where you live – from the sky. So that’s what it looks like –amazing!

smiling woman on a plane



Do you identify with any of these reasons to love and hate flying? Let us know in the Comment box below…