Sheffield, the Steel City, is a great place to live! If you grew up there, then you'll probably recognise some of these...


1. Meadowhall

Shopping centre


As a teen, your Saturday morning ritual involved getting the bus or tram to Meadow’hell’, heading straight for the Oasis food court for a slice of pizza before hitting the shops (normally starting in ‘The Lanes’, where you’d stock up on useless trinket boxes, incense burners and gimmicky socks).


2. Centertainment

Bowling alley


It’s a centre for entertainment! You’d go here with your mates as an alternative to Meadowhall, or for that romantic first date – Frankie & Benny’s, followed by the cinema and then Hollywood Bowl, all in the same convenient place.


3. Supertram

Sheffield tram

You travelled everywhere on the Sheffield Supertram – to Centertainment, to Meadowhall, and to West Street for a night out! And yes, Halfway is an actual place.


4. Ponds Forge

Family swimming


You went here as a kid with your parents, then with your mates when you were a bit older. After floating around in the current river for a while, and riding the waves in the leisure pool, you’d head to Cooplands up the road for a sausage roll and a slice of cake for less than a quid… perfect!


5. Rotherham

View over Rotherham


You generally steered well clear of this place – no one wants to be stuck in Rotherham bus station on their own late at night! Even if you technically grew up closer to Rotherham than Sheffield, you still tell people you’re from ‘near Sheffield’.


6. Grafting

Man working on mine


Someone in your family either worked or still works in the steel industry, down the pits, or on a farm. That’s proper graft.


7. Skegness

Donkeys on beach


You went on day trips to grim places like ‘Skegvegas’, where you’d ride a donkey on the suspiciously brown, smelly beach, and spend an hour rattling round on the fairground rides.


8. Geeo’er!

Man talking to his dad


Even if you haven’t lived there for years, you still slip into your old Sheffield accent when you go and visit. “Oreight, Dad, d’you want owt from t’shop?” On these visits, everyone in your family says “Ooo, tha sounds reight posh nar”, then when you go down south, everyone tells you you sound really northern again.


9. Mardy bum

Baked bread on table


You sometimes forget that not everyone uses words like “mardy”, “nesh” and “bread cake”, and have to modify your language accordingly. But you stick to your guns on some things (it is DEFINITELY breakfast, dinner and tea!)


10. Henderson’s Relish

Nick Clegg holding Hendersons Relish

PA Photos

You had no idea this was just a Sheffield thing until you left the city and couldn’t find it anywhere. That was a sad day.


11. West Street

Line of cocktails on bar


All nights out started at one of the bars on West Street – maybe the Cavendish for a few cocktail pitchers, Varsity over the road, or The Bedroom where there was an ACTUAL bed, before heading to one of the clubs…


12. Clubs

Nightclub with dancers


You spent many a night dancing and trying to pull at The Leadmill, Corporation or Plug, before drunkenly scoffing cheesy chips from the takeaway van over the road while you waited for your taxi home. And there was always someone crying and/or throwing up outside the club (never you, of course).


13. Tinsley Towers

Tinsley cooling towers in Sheffield


You went to watch the Tinsley cooling towers getting demolished in 2008, and felt a bit sad that these ugly but iconic lumps of concrete were no more.


14. School trips

Children playing in a puddle


School trips consisted of a long weekend in Filey (where you probably stayed in Habershon House!), or a week in Longdendale, being forced to do things like orienteering in the rain.


15. Sheffielders

Jessica Ennis-Hill with Union Jack flag

PA Photos

If you no longer live there, you get very excited whenever you meet someone else who’s from Sheffield (or anywhere in the general vicinity). You also feel enormous pride whenever someone from Sheffield does something good (for example, Jessica Ennis-Hill, the Arctic Monkeys, Sean Bean). They’re one of us!!


16. Peace Gardens

Sheffield Peace Gardens fountain


You spent summer afternoons sitting around on the grass around the Peace Gardens, or maybe dipping a toe in the fountains. But you didn’t bother with the Winter Gardens (especially when they were filled with snooker fans).


17. Football

Sheffield Wednesday v United

PA Photos

Even if you don’t really care about football, you’re fiercely proud of whichever team your dad supports – you’re either a Blade (Sheffield United) or an Owl (Sheffield Wednesday).


18. Park Hill

Park Hill flats tower block Sheffield


You still can’t get over the fact that the Park Hill flats are now described as being in a “sought-after location” and are on the market for more than £90,000. Seriously? The place is nicknamed “San Quentin” (after the notorious American jail) for a reason…


19. Where?!

Sheffield on map


If you speak to people from the south, a lot of them don’t quite know where Sheffield is. “Isn’t it in the Midlands? Somewhere near Birmingham? Or the east coast?” NO. It’s in Yorkshire. In the north of England.