Not content with starring in films and on television, this lot can also carry a tune! From Hollywood movie actors to our favourite soap stars and presenters, check out the lungs on this lot!


1. Bradley Walsh

He’s a likeable chap, and has always been a fun entertainer. However, Brad’s career took a different path when he starred as Ronnie Brooks in serious cop drama Law and Order, and began presenting teatime quiz show The Chase. Then, the all-rounder surprised us when he talked about his desire to be a crooner! He got his wish last year with his album Chasing Dreams, where he personally picked out his favourite swing classics, and paid homage to his musical heroes.


2.  Anita Dobson

She played long-suffering wife of Dirty Den, and was landlady of the Queen Vic, but when she wasn’t pulling pints, and away from Weatherfield in 1985, Anita Dobson sang Anyone Can Fall in Love, to the tune of the EastEnders’ theme.


3. Alexander Armstrong

Playing it for laughs with Ben Miller in sketch show Armstrong and Miller, Alexander has also played it straight in divorce drama Life Begins and as the presenter of Pointless. But it seems the well-spoken one has always wanted to sing and released his debut album A Year Of Songs in 2015, followed last year by his album Upon A Different Shore. However, it was this performance back in 2014, that left us gob-smacked! Alexander hosted a tribute to Frank Sinatra called Frank Sinatra: Our Way in December 2014 where he treated us to his wonderful rendition of You Make Me Feel So Young.


4. and 5. Robson and Jerome

Starring in military drama Soldier, Soldier as Fusilier Dave Tucker and Colonel Paddy Garvey, Robson and Jerome’s characters got the chance to belt out Unchained Melody on the show, and it proved pretty popular. So much so, Simon Cowell persuaded the duo to sign with him and record the song. It quickly reached number 1 in the UK, staying at the top of the chart for seven weeks, becoming the best-selling-single of 1995!


6. and 7. Ant and Dec

In those days Ant and Dec were just two lads from Byker Grove called PJ & Duncan. Their 1994 tune Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble is their most well-known hit, but we preferred Our Radio Rocks released in 1995, from the same album Psyche.


8. Craig McLachlan

Craig has appeared in both our fave Aussie soaps, Neighbours and Home and Away. So why not add another string to his bow (guitar)! In 1990, he followed his co-stars into the world of pop by releasing top tune, Mona.


9. David Hasselhoff

Before he was known simply as The Hoff, David Hasselhoff was a huge TV star with hit shows Knight Rider and Baywatch, which became the most-watched TV programme show in the world. But if that wasn’t enough, Dave also wanted to be a pop star, and with his catchy tune Looking For Freedom in 1989, he did just that!


10. Jason Donovan

Stars of Neighbours were no strangers to making pop songs, and a year after Kylie’s ‘I should be so lucky’, came Jason Donovan’s 1989 hit,  Too Many Broken Hearts, accompanied by this dreamy looking video.


11. Kylie Minogue

Neighbours favourite, Kylie Minogue skipped around happily singing, I should be so lucky, back in 1988, and a million schoolgirls grabbed their hairbrushes and joined in with her wishing they could be as lucky as Kylie!


12. Nick Berry

Nick, was EastEnder’s heart-throb Simon Wicks ‘Wicksy’.And as well as making hearts swoon in Walford, he also did the same for his many female fans in 1986, with this cheesy rendition of Every Loser Wins.


13. Juliette Lewis

She was a high-school dropout who hung out in nightclubs and went into rehab for drug addiction, so maybe it’s no surprise actress Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers) became a rock chick. She quit acting at 30 to front the band Juliette and the Licks – the band made three albums, toured the world for several years, and Juliette was named one of the ‘hottest women in rock’. Here she is, strutting her stuff, in ‘Hot Kiss’.


14. Scarlett Johansson

Regularly cited as one of the world’s sexiest women, Scarlet Johansson (The Other Boleyn Girl, Under the Skin), has been nominated twice for an Oscar – but not for acting. She’s sung two songs that were nominated as Best Original Song, and has recorded a couple of albums, one a cover of Tom Waits songs. Check out her version of an early hit by The Cure.


15. Keanu Reeves

Hunky Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, Speed) played bass guitar in the band Dogstar. The band was an alternative, grunge-rock group that put out two albums and toured the US and Europe – they even played Glastonbury. Keanu normally just sings backing vocals, but watch this live performance of Dogstar where he takes the lead.


16. William Shatner

Most famous for his role as Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek TV series and films, William Shatner’s long career includes a spoken-word album released in the 60s and a more recent ‘musical’ one called ‘Has Been’. His version of Pulp’s ‘Common People’ is priceless, especially when set to scenes from the show that made him a modern cultural icon.


17. and 18. Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Zooey Deschanel plays the kooky girl in movies – she also plays the keyboards, drums, banjo, and ukulele. She’s in the indie duo, She & Him, who have released a couple of albums and toured Europe. Meanwhile, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a child star, a teen in the sitcom ‘3rd Rock From the Sun’, and did the very grown-up thing of directing, writing and starring in his own movie. He’s not a bad singer either – watch him team up with Zooey in this cute take on a jazz standard.


19. Robert Mitchum

The classic film noir anti-hero, gravelly-voiced Robert Mitchum was also a poet, composer, and singer. He recorded an album of calypso music in the late 50s and 10 years later, another one of country songs. One of them, ‘Little Old Wine Drinker Me’, made the country top 10 charts. Here he is singing it on the Parkinson show in the early 70s.

Were you surprised by any of these stars that can sing? Let us know below…