Who knew that the humble todger could be so interesting?


1. The average human penis size is 5.1 inches when erect, and 4.6 inches around.

2. The world’s largest penis, belonging to New Yorker Jonah Falcon, is 13.5 inches!

3. Although, if the North Korean equivalent of the Guinness Book of Records is to be believed,  the country’s late leader, Kim Jong-il’s pecker was a whopping 3ft 4in long! Hmm.

4. Willy piercing is called a Prince Albert after rumours that Queen Victoria’s hubby had a similar ring on his crown jewels. Although, there is no historical proof of this.

Penis facts: statue of Prince Albert


5. The word penis comes from the Latin ‘pesnis’ meaning tail.

6. Fear of the penis is known as phallophobia. It’s diagnosed when the sight of a willy causes severe terror.

7. About 100 men around the world have a condition called diphallus. It means they’ve got two willies.

8. One study showed the smell of donuts increased penile blood flow by 32%.

Penis facts: Image of donuts


9. Japan holds an annual penis parade, known as The Festival of the Steel Phallus.

10. On average, men have three to five erections while asleep, each lasting around 30 minutes

11. There are no bones in a human penis so it can’t be broken. But it can be fractured if the blood-filled tubes inside an erection burst. A third of all cases happen during sex, when the lady is on top. Ouch!

12. Despite their huge size, gorillas only have 2-inch penises

13. Blue Whales are the most well-endowed animals, with willies that can be as long as 10ft.

Penis facts: Blue whale


14. As well as causing impotence, smoking is said to make your todger shrink by up to a centimetre in a lifetime.

15. Penis Panic, also known as Koro, is the irrational delusion that the penis is shrinking into the body.

16. Penises are twice as long as they look, with the ‘root’ of the organ being hidden inside the man’s pelvis.

17. Icelandic Phallological Museum houses a collection of more than 215 penises and penile parts.

18. The average speed of ejaculation is around 30mph.

Penis facts: 30mph sign



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