Yes, it's home to a very famous designer outlet village but if you grew up in Bicester you'll know there's so much more to our Oxfordshire town than that...


1. You can remember that there wasn’t always a shopping village in Bicester.

2. Weekly food shops were done in the tiny Tesco in town – it was the only supermarket back then!

3. The best celeb-spot you could hope for was seeing Twiggy in that tiny Tesco.

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4. You remember cars driving down Sheep Street before it was pedestrianised.

5. You can pronounce Bicester properly – and no, it’s not Bi-ses-ter.

6. When Bicester Village opened, all the cool kids ditched their supermarket Saturday jobs for ones that gave you a free designer uniform.



7. Teenagers would go to the Old Pioneer on a Saturday afternoon – then stay there until the evening – in the hope of dodging having your ID checked by the bouncers.

8.  You spent your pocket money on pick’n’mix in Woolworths.

9.  Weekend treats were a trip to Nash’s bakery for some lardy cake and a cup of tea.



10.  Everyone went crazy with excitement when the old Post Office was turned into a Wetherspoons.

11.  Everything and anything you needed could be found in Handy Stores – from school plimsoles and Fimo, to Sylvanian Families and plug fuses.

12.  The Market Square was actually triangular.

13.  All kids’ birthday parties were held at Jenny’s or Little Chef.

14. For a big night out you got the bus all the way to Oxford and went to Park End Club.



15. The height of sophistication was getting your clothes from IMPS, Dorothy Perkins or New Look.

16. The bus shelter in Garth Park was the perfect place for a sneaky cigarette.

17. You remember when you were allowed to ride your bike or rollerskate along the Bicester stretch of the M40 before it opened.


By Rachel Tompkins