Our bedrooms were our very own space when we were growing up, and how we kitted them out was an expression of who we were. It meant everything to us to surround ourselves with the things we loved, even if they do seem naff now! You know you are a child of the 80s when you wanted these things in your bedroom...


1. Lovingly made mix tapes

mix tape


Nothing else had the impact of a lovingly made mix tape in the 80s. If you wanted to tell someone how you felt, you made a mix tape just for them. The power of music seemed unparalleled.


2. Walkmans

Sony Walkman


We all wanted a Walkman in the 80s. Imagine listening to music that only you could hear while walking around. It felt like science fiction had come to life. What was next? The hoverboard?


3. Keytar

Keytar 80s bedrooms


Why have a keyboard and a guitar when you could have a Keytar? They were amazing and we wanted one!


4. Swatch wall clocks

Swatch wall clock 80s bedrooms

Swatch watches were on everyone’s wrists in the 80s, so our need to own these giant versions was obvious. With a maxi Swatch, your wall clock could match your favourite watch, genius!


5. Boom box

Boom box


A boom box was a must have 80s item! How else were you going to make and play those mix tapes? We wanted them in bright colours for ultimate cool.


6. Novelty phones

Mickey Mouse phone

Having your own phone line was a just a dream for most of us, but that didn’t stop us picking out the phone we’d have if we could. Novelty phones were where it was at! From a phone shaped like a football, to characters like Garfield and Mickey Mouse, our very own phone was going to be amazing.


7. Our own TV



We all longed for our own TV so that we could watch our favourite shows without interruptions or squabbles over the remote. But the real dream was to have our set hooked up to MTV so we could watch the latest music video releases for hours on end.


8. Polaroid camera

Polaroid instant camera


Photos in an instant? Yes please! We wanted to document our lives without having to wait around, and a Polaroid camera was just the way to do it!


9. Panini sticker albums

Panini sticker albums

How could you forget how much you loved these sticker albums? Whatever your favourite, you could go to the corner shop and get a pack of stickers to go in your album. Remember the suspense of opening a new pack to find out what was inside? Did you have a special furry or shiny sticker?


10. Athena posters

Athena poster shop

PA Photos

Who didn’t have an Athena poster on their wall in the 80s? From the red framed pictures of dream cars to that man and baby poster, we all loved Athena. Browsing the endless racks of posters in the shop was a pastime we will never forget.


11. Mirrored picturesMirrorred pictures

Why just have a picture on your wall when you can have a picture that’s also a mirror? Mirrored pictures were all the rage in the 80s. We especially loved the ones with photos of our favourite idols and bands on them.


12. A Macintosh computer

Macintosh computer


Ok, none of us actually had one, but we all wanted our own Macintosh computer. They were so high tech, they made anything seem possible.


13. Body Shop products

The Body Shop


We were obsessed with The Body Shop! We all had our favourite scent and wanted to by all of the products in the range with our pocket money…White Musk anyone?


14. Teen and music mags

80s mags


They were everywhere! Strewn over the floor, poster pages ripped out. From Smash Hits to Just Seventeen and My Guy, we loved them all.


15. Label makers



We went crazy for label makers! We wanted to label everything we owned. There was something satisfying about punching out each letter on the beautifully embossed strip.


16. Skateboard



If you were a child of the 80s then chances are you owned a skateboard. You practiced on it, posed with it and displayed it in your room like a status symbol. Yes, that’s right, I skateboard.


17. Character bedding$_57

Why just cover the walls with our fave band or cartoon character? Whatever our obsession, there was a bedding set perfect for us.


Did these coveted 80s bedroom items bring back memories?