One of the world's favourite foods...let's hear it for the humble hamburger!


1. It’s National Burger Day on 27 August! It’s also National Hamburger Day on 28 May…and the whole of May is Burger Month… Well, you can’t have too much of a good thing!

2. Though it doesn’t contain ham, the word ‘hamburger’ comes from the German city of Hamburg. The locals ate Hamburg steak – a dish of shredded beef with spices, and it arrived in the US along with German emigrants in the 1850s.

3. In Australia, Burger King is called Hungry Jack’s.

4. Before being called The Big Mac, it had two previous names, the Aristocrat, and Blue Ribbon Burger.

5. McDonald’s became involved in the Olympics when some of the US team were so homesick for American food that hamburgers were airlifted into the Olympic Village! McDonald’s then became an official sponsor at the 1976 Montreal Games.

6. McDonald’s is sold in over 35,000 locations. It serves over 70,000 customers a day (more than the population of France), and sells 75 hamburgers every second – that’s over 5 billion burgers a year, needing an estimated herd of 25 million cows!

7. During World War I, in the US, hamburgers were often called the Liberty Sandwich, because they wanted to avoid any German names!

8. In 2000, Kim Jong-il, the late leader of North Korea, claimed that he’d created the hamburger, though he called it the catchy ‘double bread with meat’!

9. The Big Mac index was invented by The Economist newspaper in 1986. It measures the purchasing power of a country by the number of Big Macs that could be bought in that country with $50.

image of big mac box


10. …however, in 2011, Argentina’s government forced McDonald’s to sell Big Macs at artificially low prices so that the country’s performance would appear better on the Index!

11. In 2008, Burger King released a meat-scented men’s body spray!

12. No-one is going to argue that Americans eat the most hamburgers, and, if all the burgers eaten by Americans in a year were arranged in a line, it would circle the Earth more than 32 times.

13. The Guinness World Record for the most hamburgers eaten in one minute goes to Furious Pete, aka Peter Czerwinski, a Canadian who scoffed four in London on 10 July 2013.

14. A Big Mac contains about 540 cal, and has 29 grams of fat – about half your daily allowance.

15. The most-calorific burger is the aptly-named Quadruple Bypass, sold in the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. This Guinness World Record-holder is made of 4 half-pound beef slices, 8 American cheese slices, 20 bacon slices, 20 lard-baked caramelized onion slices, 8 tomato slices, 1tbsp mayonnaise, 2tbsp ketchup, 1tbsp mustard and a bun – oh,  and a total of 9,982 calories!

16. The most-expensive commercially available hamburger was sold at Juicys Outlaw Grill in Corvallis, Oregon, USA on 2 July 2011. Priced at $5,000, it weighed 352.44kg (777lb).

17. The award for the world’s single most-expensive burger is, without a doubt, the one made in 2013 by Dutch scientist Professor Mark Posy from stem cells taken from a dead cow. Just this one single lab-grown burger cost £207,000!

18. The biggest…

imge of worlds largest hamburger

Guinness World Records

According to Guinness World Records, the largest hamburger weighed 913.54 kg (2,014 lb) and was prepared by Black Bear Casino Resort, Minnesota, USA, in 2012. The hamburger was topped with 23.81 kg (52.5 lb) of tomatoes, 22.68 kg (50 lb) of lettuce, 27.22 kg (60 lb) of onion, 8.62 kg (19 lb) of pickles, 18.14 kg (40 lb) of cheese and 7.48 kg (16.5 lb) of bacon!

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