We all love our best friends, but sometimes we forget just how much we need them!


1. She’s been there for the meltdowns

She has seen it ALL! When you’re a blubbing mess or screaming the house down, she knows what to do to make the gremlin leave the building.

2. She keeps it real (and tells you if you’re being an idiot)

An invaluable quality in any friend! Sometimes you need someone to tell you if you’re behaving like a spoilt brat.

3. She knows what makes you tick

This is both a good and a bad thing! She knows what you love, but she also knows what drives you mad and she can use it against you. Just as well you like to stay on her good side!

4. You make each other laugh (a lot)

You think she’s hilarious (even if no one else does) and she feels the same way about you. You may both have a unique sense of humour, but at least you get each other!

best friends


5. She listens to you moan about stuff

She has the patience of a saint and listens to you drivel on about relationships, work, and anything else that has p***ed you off. Of course you do the same for her too.

6. She never says “I told you so”

Even when she was totally right…

7. She sees you at your worst and doesn’t judge you

She’ll be the one holding your hair back while you have your head down the toilet. And she never thinks less of you for making a fool out of yourself.

8. Arguments are forgotten without having to say sorry

She doesn’t hold grudges or dredge up old arguments. It’s so nice to know she isn’t keeping score.

best friends having fun


9. She loves you unconditionally

Even though sometimes you don’t deserve it…

10. You understand each other without having to explain

You almost have your own language, and your half sentences and telepathic communication means you can speak to each other without anyone else understanding a word.

11. You don’t need to see each other all of the time to still be close

Even if you go for ages without seeing each other, when you do meet up it’s EXACTLY the same.

12. She is the one you want to tell when something epic happens

She’ll understand your excitement and the need to tell her STRAIGHT away.

women chatting


13. You trust each other implicitly

You know she would never ever do anything to hurt you.

14. You feel more like family than friends

You can’t believe you haven’t known each other forever.

15. She knows how to cheer you up

This is an important skill for any BFF. It’s your job to cheer each other up when it feels like the world is against you.

16. You love each other’s company

Whether you are out on the town, or just sitting on the sofa, you always have fun together.



17. She lets you get away with stuff that no one else would

You know… When she lets you say and do things she wouldn’t accept from others. It’s because she knows that you love her really…


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