Are you a self confessed keeper of clutter? There are some things you'll find in all hoarders homes...



1. Toiletries with OLD packaging

You think you vaguely remember when they looked like this. Was it 2 or 3 redesigns ago? Either way this moisturiser has definitely been open for longer than the recommended 12 months.

2. Old Medicines

Yes they do have an expiry date. The one you’re holding was supposed to be used by 2001!

hoarders woman looking at medicine bottle


3. Paperwork from 20 years ago

We all know that paperwork needs to be kept for a certain number of years, but no, you don’t need pay slips from a job you had 15 years ago.

4. Cut out newspaper articles in overflowing files

Admit it, we’ve all done it. You find an article that’s interesting and you think that it would be a good idea to keep it, that’s perfectly acceptable.  But please, you don’t need hundreds of cuttings spanning your entire life that you never ever look at.

overflowing file hoarders


5. Multiples of exactly the same thing

So you may have a favourite teapot, but why oh why do you have 6 of exactly the same one? Are you planning to break them all? We love tea as much as the next person, but that’s seriously taking the biscuit!

6. Piles of films and music in archaic formats

You know, those mountains of tapes and videos with no compatible player in sight. Get with the times!

VHS tapes


7. An old school enormous TV

It’s not broken, so why get rid of it? It doesn’t matter if it takes up half of the room, it’s staying.

8. Tins of food with a best before date of at least a decade ago

Yes, tins of food do actually have a best before date. Of course they don’t HAVE to be used by that date, but if the best before on a tin is over a decade ago, it needs to be in the bin.

woman with a tin of fod


9. Manuals for appliances you don’t even own

There is no world where that manual for a blender you owned 10 years ago would be useful again.

10. Drawers stuffed to the brim with God knows what

It’s impossible to know what’s in that drawer, it’s so full it barely opens.



11. Broken things

It MIGHT be useful one day, but it’s highly unlikely. Yes, it may have been your favourite handbag, but it’s broken beyond repair, put it in the bin.

12. Clothes with tags on

These can normally be found in their bags at the bottom of wardrobes. If you look at the receipt you’ll see that you bought it 5 years ago. All that time and you still aren’t convinced enough to remove the tag!



13. Unwanted presents

So someone got you a present that you don’t want, but you don’t have the heart to get rid of it. Sound familiar? That’s what charity shops are for! Let it find a home where someone will actually appreciate it.

14. Jam jars

What is it with jam jars? Is it possible you have kept every jam jar you’ve ever bought? It certainly looks like it.

iStockphoto hoarders jam jar


15. Old duvets

You know the sort. They are WELL past the possibility of ever being used again.

16. Pens that don’t work

Instead of throwing away a pen when it stops working, you seem to keep them mixed up with functioning ones, just incase they miraculously start flowing again.


Do you recognise these things that all hoarders hang on to?