You spend all year planning your big summer holiday, and before you know it, you're back to reality with a bump. Here's a list of things that always happen when you get back home after your jollies...


1. Checking out your holiday snaps

Holiday snaps


You’ve just had the best holiday EVER, and you captured every moment with your camera/smartphone. The first thing you do when you get back (or even as soon as you board the plane home) is have a flick through to remind yourself of the best bits.


2. Selecting the cream of the crop to put on Facebook



Now it’s time to show everyone else what a great time you had! You normally have about three versions of each snap – one with your eyes closed, one where the light’s not quite right, and one that’ll just about make the cut. You just need to spend a few hours choosing the best ones to upload!


3. Getting acclimatised to the British weather

British weather snow


Brrr! As soon as you step off the plane, you know you’ve made a mistake – how can it be so cold here? What happened to the sunshine?! Time to open the suitcase and, with a heavy heart, wrap yourself up in some extra layers.


4. Checking your tan (and maybe topping up with fake bake)

Fake tan


Ideally, you’ll come back from holiday feeling like a bronzed goddess, with tan lines to die for. You didn’t just spend two weeks sun-worshipping for nothing! If people aren’t in awe of your post-holiday pins, it’s time to slap on a bit of fake tan, just so everyone realises you have actually been on holiday.


5. Reminiscing

Beach sunset


‘This time last week, we were sipping our cocktails in that gorgeous beach-front restaurant…’ And now here we are, eating beans on toast in front of One Born Every Minute. Sigh!


6. Feeling constantly hungry

Food buffet


When you’re on holiday, you get so used to slap-up breakfasts, two-course lunches and three-course dinners, you end up feeling constantly hungry when you get back to your old routine. First day back at work, and your poor stomach is grumbling in confusion at not being fed every two hours.


7. And, ahem, thirsty…

Cocktails on beach


As well as stuffing your face all day, holidays tend to consist of copious amounts of alcohol, and it can be difficult to adjust when you get back to the real world – sadly, it just isn’t acceptable to sit at your desk with a Mojito at lunchtime!


8. Trying to avoid weighing yourself, and deciding not to wear jeans for a while…

Jeans too tight


Obviously, there are no weighing scales, or calories, or anything boring like that when you’re on holiday. Total freedom! Unfortunately, when you get back, you realise that maybe you overdid it on the Italian ice cream. Those skinny jeans will be staying at the bottom of the wardrobe for the next few weeks…


9. Sorting your life out

Messy bedroom


As well as no calories, there are also no chores, piles of washing, bills or anything else grown-up that needs sorting out when you’re on your jollies. Post-holiday, all these things seem like SUCH hard work.


10. Catching up with friends

Showing friends pics


You want to tell all your pals what an amazing holiday you just had, so you arrange to meet them as soon as you get back, pictures in hand. Also, you’ve probably missed out on some exciting snippets of gossip while you were away, so it’s a win-win situation!


11. Writing reviews

Person on laptop


Depending how you booked your holiday, you might get home to find some emails in your inbox asking you to review the place (or places) you visited. Whether you loved it or loathed it, it’s always quite satisfying tapping out your opinions for other travellers.


12. Admiring your holiday hair

Girl with hair blowing


For some reason, your hair always seems so much nicer just after a holiday. It’s sun-kissed, soft and shiny, mainly because you’ve not been frazzling it with hair straighteners, products and pollution every day. Lovely!


13. And admiring your holiday legs…

Legs walking in trainers


All that exploring has left you with the firm, toned pins that you’d spent many boring hours at the gym trying to achieve. You vow you’ll keep them that way from now on…


14. Listening to holiday tunes

Enjoying music


As your holiday becomes a distant memory, it’s time to crank up some of the best summer anthems that remind you of lying by the pool with your iPod, or dancing the night away after too many exotic drinks!


15. Dreaming

Two happy hipster friends


When you get back from holiday, you often start seeing things through rose-tinted sunglasses. Why would you want to suffer through the drudgery of your everyday life at home, where you work 9 to 5 and it rains all the time? You decide the best course of action is probably to give it all up, go back and start a new life in Croatia as a yoga instructor… Maybe one day.


16. Planning your next holiday

Map pins in


You might have only arrived back from your trip two weeks ago, but it’s never too early to start planning the next one!