We all love a supermarket bargain, but is your deal as good as it looks? Beat the supermarkets at their own game!


1. Fruit and veg

Ever noticed that fruit and veg is often at the front of the shop? It’s because it’s colourful, which is believed to put you in a better mood and make you want to buy more. Would the shop look as inviting if you started in the bog-roll aisle?

2. Lost again?

Why do supermarkets rearrange their stock so often? Maybe it’s to make shoppers go to every aisle searching for their usual purchases, and pick up a few extra items along the way?

3. Look down

Supermarket tricks


Big brands pay big bucks for their products to be stocked at eye level. Look at lower shelves for cheaper versions and own brands.

4. Free parking

Supermarkets like to make you linger. If you pop in for a loaf of bread, you’re likely to stay longer and spend more if you’re not worrying about getting a hefty parking ticket.

5. Seeing red

Shoppers tend to equate red stickers with discounts and are attracted to products that have these labels. When you look closer, you may find out that they don’t offer a price-cut at all. But, by then, you’re hooked…

6. Last-minute goodies



Chocolate bars and sweets are placed near the checkout to tempt tired shoppers into last-minute purchases. And we won’t mention pester power when it comes to parents shopping with kids…

7.  Bigger is better

Smaller, local versions of the big supermarket chains have less choice and fewer budget brands. Plus other goods are typically priced higher than in the superstores. If you buy what you need at the big weekly shop and avoid top-up shops, you’ll spend less.

8. Go fresh

Prepared salad in colourful packaging is definitely the easy option, with no washing and chopping, so of course you pay for the privilege. Plus as soon as veg is washed it starts to wilt. Go for the fresh, unpackaged stuff. Chances are half your pre-packed bag will end up shrivelling in the fridge before finding its way to the bin.

9. Don’t get trollied

Supermarket tricks


Studies show using a bigger trolley will make you buy more, so use a smaller one if you don’t need much. And if you just need one thing, don’t even take a basket. You’ll only buy what you can carry!

10. Get social

Facebook’s not just for gossip. Follow the major supermarket brands on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute bargains.

11. Click-clack

That’s the sound that your trolley makes over supermarket floor tiles. For a very good reason. If the flooring was smooth, you might sail by speedily. But they reckon the click-clack noise makes you slow down and take time to browse.

12. Got milk?



Everyday essentials like milk and bread are often kept at the back of the store. Perhaps that’s so in the stroll through the aisles, some other impulse items end up in your trolley?

13. Lack of light

Most supermarkets don’t have many windows. This way, shoppers are less aware of how long they’ve spent in the store and aren’t as likely to rush. Blimey, is that the time..?!

14. Bog off, BOGOFs

Supermarket tricks


Buy one get one free, and other multi-buy deals are only a bargain if they don’t end up rotting in the bin before you can eat them. Make the most of this one for non-perishable food, or items like loo roll which you can store until you need them.

15. End of the aisle

You’ll notice that there are often deals on the end of each aisle to catch your attention. But always check the aisle itself for what you’re after, to see if there are better prices.

16. Get into the groove

Supermarkets will usually play relaxing music to make you slow down when you shop. If you’re in a rush, stick in your headphones and listen to something more fast paced! Happy shopping!


How many of these clever supermarket tricks did you already know?!