Let's celebrate Cadbury Dairy Milk, undeniably the world's best chocolate, bar none!


1. The first bars of Cadbury milk chocolate hit the shelves in 1897, and Cadbury Dairy Milk appeared in 1905 with more milk than anything else on the market.

2. 350 Million Bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk are sold every year – that’s almost a million per day!

3. Cadbury once owned the colour purple. No other chocolate company could use Pantone 2685c – the colour used on the Dairy Milk packaging. But Nestlé took them to court, lost a four-year battle, but then appealed  and won, so now anyone can use the colour.

4. Flake – the ‘crumbliest, flakiest chocolate’ – was  developed in 1920, when a Cadbury worker noticed that when the excess from chocolate moulds was drained, it created flaky, folded chocolate. And who can forget those ads…

5. Fudge was launched in 1948, but is best known for the jingle, ‘A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat’. The words were put to a traditional English folk song, The Lincolnshire Poacher.

6. Remember Toffee Buttons? They were launched in 1967 and withdrawn in 1971. Then there was Fuse –  a solid slab of nuts, raisins, rice crispies and fudge that came out in 1996, and disappeared in 2006. Boost Coconut – a milk chocolate covered bar with a toasted coconut and caramel centre was discontinued in 1994. Just a few Cadbury Milk treats we’ve loved… and lost.

7. ‘Everyone’s a fruit and nutcase’. Those 70s ads massively increased sales – and we bet you can still remember the jingle!

8. Cream-filled eggs first appeared in 1923, but the egg we know and love today has only been on the shelves since 1971.

9. In 1990 Cadbury World opened. In Bournville, Birmingham (also the name of the iconic dark choc bar), the 14 million visitor will visit sometime in August this year!

10. Each year, Cadbury World sells more than 83,000 bags of Mis-Shapes, the popular bag of chocolates that didn’t quite make the cut in quality control.

11. Cadbury were the official cocoa and chocolate makers for Queen Victoria, when John Cadbury and his brother were given the first Royal Warrant in 1854.

12. During the Second World War, Cadbury was forced to remove Dairy Milk from shelves, as the government banned manufacturers from using fresh milk. Instead, they produced Ration chocolate that was made with dried skimmed milk powder.



13. One of the most recognisable advertisements ever created is Cadbury’s ‘glass and a half of full cream dairy milk in every bar’, with the image of milk pouring into the chocolate block. It ran from 1928 till the late 1980s.

14. It takes a whole year’s crop from one cocoa tree to make 1lb (454g) of cocoa.

15. There are 530 calories in 100g of Cadbury Dairy Milk, 240 calories in a 45g bar, and about 25 calories in a single square of choc. Worth every single last one, we say!

16. Cadbury has been named the UK’s happiest brand. Well, scoffing it definitely brings a smile to our faces!