Remember what life was like before your smartphone? These genius little inventions have made things so much easier…


1. A-Z

There was a time when you actually had to carry a mini A-Z or printed maps around with you to know where you were going. With maps on our phones, we will never need an actual street map again! Going abroad? Just get an offline map for your phone if you don’t want to risk the roaming charges. Genius!


2. Watch

Who wears a watch these days for anything other than a fashion statement? With a clock on your phone, a watch has become nothing more than a glorified bracelet.

smartphone uses


3. Computer

No need for an actual computer, your phone does it all and more! You have the power of the net at your fingertips wherever you go.


4. Camera

It’s true that phones used to have awful cameras, but now they are as good as most digital ones, so why bother carrying around both? Those times that you wished you had a camera are a thing of the past too, you can snap anything, anytime.

smartphone uses


5. Torch

OK, so we didn’t all carry torches around with us before, but there were times when one would’ve been really handy. Now you’re ready for anything from blackouts to trying to get your keys in the door in the dark!


6. Diary and calendar

Remember having an actual diary in your handbag? Your phone can do one better, it’ll actually remind you of stuff you have to do! Take that, pen and paper!

smartphone uses you don't need a diary any more!


7. MP3 player

Gone are the days that you needed a separate MP3 player and phone. Now you can store, download and play music on your smartphone!


8. TV

Technology has given you the power to download and stream your favourite films and TV programmes so that you can watch them on the go. What was the point of a TV again?

woman watching TV


9. Mirror

Just realised you might have something on your face and you’ve forgotten your compact at home? No reason to freak out, now you can use the camera on your phone to check your face and get rid of your paranoia. Phew!


10. Music shops

Remember those days of browsing through the racks in music shops to find the latest releases from your fave bands and then buying them on an actual CD? Now you can browse online shops and download your purchases directly to your phone. Watch out though, impulse purchases are easy to make.

woman in a music shop


11. Weather forecast

Want to know the weather on the go? Your phone can do one better, it can tell you the forecast for wherever you want in the world!


12. Alarm clock

Wow, imagine having an actual alarm clock, or even more hilarious, a travel alarm clock! You can’t even remember the last time you woke up to anything other than your phone.

woman with an alarm clock


13. Calculator

The calculator is all but obsolete. Aside from its retro factor, is there ever going to be a point of owning one?


14. Bank

Why would you go to a bank when you can do everything you need to on your phone? Rejoice at the thought of all those hours you’ve saved not standing in a queue just to make a transfer.

woman standing in line at a bank


15. Bus timetables

You always felt like bus timetables were more for decoration than actual information, especially seeing as buses rarely kept to them, but now they really are pointless. Your phone can tell you in real time when your next bus is coming. No more waiting in the pouring rain, wondering if your bus is ever going to turn up, you can just go for a coffee while you wait!


16. Notebook and pen

Remember carrying around a notebook and pen for those moments of inspiration? With notes on your phone you can write to your heart’s content without the risk of a leaky pen ruining your stuff.

woman with a notebook



Do you take full advantage of the ways to use your smartphone?