Boobs... they've got their knockers. But we love 'em. Who knew there was so much going on inside our bras?


1. Since 2011, the average UK bra size has increased from 34C to 34D.

2. The biggest bras are bought in Wigan, and the smallest in Portsmouth.

3. The world’s biggest boobs belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner. Her breast size is said to be 102ZZZ. No wonder she goes by the nickname Norma Stitz.

Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records

4. There have been bra-like garments since the time of the Roman Empire.

5. Men have nipples because all foetuses are female at first.

6. The champagne glasses known as coupes are said to be modelled after the shape of Marie Antoinette’s breasts.

Boob facts: champagne glasses are said to have been modelled on Marie Antoinette's breasts


7. The average British woman owns nine bras.

8. The first patient to have silicon implants was a dog named Esmerelda. She was inserted with the implants as a test before the op was offered to humans.

9. Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ – which saw her reveal her boob during the 2004 Superbowl half-time show – is the most searched event in internet history.

10. A study has shown that hungry men are more likely to be attracted to bigger boobs.

Boob facts: hungry men are more likely to be attracted to bigger boobs


11. In 2014, a woman going by the name Jasmine Tridevil claimed she’d had surgery to give herself a third, central breast.

12. Statistically, your left boob is bigger than your right.

13. Breast augmentation ops – or boob jobs – are the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK, with 8,609 performed in 2014.

boob facts: boob jobs are popular in the UK


14. American man, Brian Zembic earned himself $100,000 when a pal bet him to have breast implants. He liked them so much he still has them almost 20 years on!

15. Smokers have saggier boobs, as chemicals in cigarettes affect the skin’s elasticity.

16. Topfree is an American organisation that fights for the equal right for women to be topless in public.


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