Regardless of where we may have been born, some of us just belong in the big city, and we can't imagine living anywhere else...ever!


1. You are used to having everything within easy reach

The concept of not being able to just go up the road for whatever you want seems insane.

2. You can’t imagine living somewhere without a proper transport network

What? No tube or frequent bus to take me to my destination? I have to walk for HOW long? Surely it should be illegal to have to wait for a bus for longer than 15 minutes?

3. You expect shops to be open late

No shop should close before 6, and if they are in the centre of town they should really be open later… you expect to be able to shop on Sundays too!

woman closing a shop


4. The idea of everyone knowing you freaks you out

You LOVE the anonymity of the city. No one knows who you are and you like it that way!

5. Having to drive everywhere seems insane

So you always have to have a designated driver if you are going out? That’s crazy! What on earth would you do if you couldn’t drive?

6. You wonder what people do in a sleepy village

Seriously… what do they do? They have to travel for restaurants, bars, cinemas, shops, basically everything, how do they cope?



7. You don’t really understand the appeal of the countryside

OK, it’s beautiful, but you don’t have to live there to appreciate it!

8. You find it odd when strangers say hello to you

Maybe you know them from somewhere and you’ve forgotten who they are? Why else would a random say hello to you?

9. You love the hustle and bustle of the big city

It makes you feel alive! Sometimes it makes you feel very hassled too, but that’s just part of it’s charm.



10. You know how to get through a crowd

You are an expert at making your through a huge crowd of people at speed. It is an essential city skill that you’ve honed over the years.

11. You don’t like talking to people on your commute

Even if they are one of your besties, you feel the need to avoid talking to people you meet on your commute, especially first thing in the morning.

12. You want a LOW maintenance garden

You can’t imagine having anything other than a manageable back garden. Where do they find the time make sure their land isn’t just wilderness?



13. You don’t understand it when your friends move out of the city

You’re leaving? Why on earth would you leave? OK, you’re new place in the country is a palace compared to my tiny flat, but it’s in the middle of nowhere!

14. You LOVE how accessible all of the culture is

Exhibitions, shows and festivals are right on your doorstep. There is always something new and exciting to see and it makes you feel like you are discovering your city all over again.

15. You get annoyed when people say they hate the city

Seriously, what’s wrong with them?