With over 300 million users worldwide people clearly can't get enough of the online photo-sharing app, Instagram. If you're a regular Instagram user, you're probably be familiar with some of these things...


1. Choosing a filter…

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It is a very tough decision… which filter will really enhance your photo? The winning choice will inevitably be either be the one which makes your selfies more flattering, or the one that makes your hamburger look “artsy”.

2. #nofilter

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Writing #nofilter just to remind people you don’t need a filter to look this great. Fair play we get it, you’re a natural beauty!

3. Over-hashtagging

There are always some users who go a bit overboard with their hashtags.  #please #stop #hashtagging

4. Over-posting

Then there are the users who seem to post a picture every minute! We’ve seen your face far too much already today!

5. Following food, fashion, beauty and fitness accounts

Yes, they’re great inspiration, but be prepared to get a serious case of food, clothes, makeup and body envy on a regular basis.



6. Private users

You may have your account on private for the same reasons – no snoopers and stalkers. But when it’s someone else that you want to snoop on… dammit!

7. Public users

Feeling happy when a user has their profile on public, now you can be a true detective (or just plain nosey) without the need to follow.

8. Accidental likes

But remember if you double tap the image or just mistakenly click the heart icon, you’ll like someones picture and they’ll get a notification. Prepare to come up with an excuse for exactly why you were two years deep into the account of your new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Cringe!


9. Celeb stalking

Shamelessly following lots of celebrity accounts. We shouldn’t care so much about what they’re up to…  but we can’t help ourselves! What is Kim Kardashian wearing today? We need to know and thanks to Instagram, we can find out.

10. Gym selfies

It’s great that you’re healthy and fit, but there are some users who post way too many gym selfies. Well done, you work out! But are you sure that super glam picture was taken after your gym session? (Or maybe we’re just jealous.)

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11. Cringey commenting

When you start to read some of the comments on celeb accounts with millions of followers, and see arguments between users – usually young teenagers defending their idols. Totally pointless, although mildly entertaining too!


12. Quoting too much…

We don’t mind the occasional inspirational or uplifting quote, but some users just post so many. There is such a thing as being too inspired, you know!

13. Holiday show offs

Instagram is a great way to show friends where you are in the world and what beautiful places you’ve visited. We won’t act like we aren’t green with envy though, especially if we’re looking at your hotdog legs while waiting for a bus in the rain.


14. Its addictive

The plan is to quickly check your instagram feed before you sleep. Fast forward a few hours and you’ve ended up on hundreds of random accounts, and you’re going to be very tired tomorrow.

15. But we love it!

Theres always things to gripe about with social media, but with 300 million users, clearly we do love Instagram! A simple concept, but it seems we can’t get enough of uploading photos and checking our Instagram feeds each day.

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