When companies are trying to sell us stuff on the telly, they resort to all types of campaigns, but we do like it when they go a bit upmarket! Here are our favourite classy ads…


1. Guinness (1998)

With a clash of horses and water, and a race between surfer and the stampede – this stylish commercial used a level of visual effects never seen before in TV advertising. The ad won multiple awards, and came top in a line-up of the greatest ads of all time.

2. Galaxy (2013)

Audrey Hepburn represents heritage, classiness, and elegance, which is why Galaxy wanted to use her image to communicate its silk not cotton branding. So a clever ad company brought the star back from the dead with the use of CG, and very realistic and stylish she looks, too.

3. M&S (2017)

Marks and Spencer want us to find many delicious ways to feel ‘wow!’ and this beautiful, colourful, and vibrant ad shows us just how wonderful and inspirational healthy foods can be…

4. Ferrero Rocher (1993)

We all loved the fact the ambassador was spoiling us! Chocolates may have got posher over the years, but we still love a Ferrero Rocher, and we also adore this upmarket ad!

5. Volkswagen Golf (1987)

This classic commercial featured model Paula Hamilton, and was directed by famous photographer David Bailey. Paula plays a glamorous woman who’s obviously fallen out with ’im indoors! She angrily discards her wedding ring, her mink coat, but refuses to abandon the keys to her car.

6. Dolce & Gabbana (2010)

Oh, OK, so it’s not especially classy, but we make no excuse for including this, as it’s a very nicely shot ad, and… Oh, who are we kidding, we get to see Dave in his pants. A lot!!

7. Waitrose (2017)

This ad wants to emphasise everything Waitrose do, goes into everything we taste. And here they have no actors, or props, just a farm with a lot of happy free-range chickens. Then they cook a perfect, yummy looking poached egg.

8. NatWest (2016)

There’s a very strong message in this hard-hitting emotive commercial, with the idea being we are what we do and we all have a duty to do the right thing. The mostly black-and-white film is very impactful, and highlights the human race’s at times questionable behaviour.

9. Boots No7 (2017)

No7 have used impressive 50-year-old stuntwoman Amanda Foster to advertise their Age-Defying Serum. Amanda performs one of her biggest stunts to date, and stylishly and powerfully proves she’s as ready as ever!

10. Giorgio Armani’s Code (2017)

The Star Trek actor Chris Pine is no stranger to our screens in his Giorgio Armani ads. We’re at episode three now, and its stylish simplicity makes it our favourite. You get to to see Chris without a shirt, in an amazing gaff, in a breathtakingly beautiful location.

11. Samsung (2017)

Not only classy, but very impressive, too. This commercial stresses we must refuse to listen to what can’t be done and, basically, do what we can’t! To illustrate that, a curious ostrich has got its head stuck into a Samsung Gear VR headset that’s playing a flight-stimulator video. The bird then has the overwhelming urge to take to the skies, but will the normally flightless bird get off the ground?

12. Flake (1985)

‘Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate…’ goes the song. There have been many ads for Flake featuring gorgeous girls. In this lovely looking ad from the 80s, an attractive Romany girl walks through a sunflower field suggestively eating a flake, then she sits on the back of a horse-drawn caravan and has one more cheeky-looking chomp on yet another flake (she should be fat)!

13. Honda (2003)

This ingenious ad, called ‘The Cog’, was to promote Honda’s Accord line. It follows a chain of colliding parts from a disassembled Accord and it’s totally compelling seeing each falling piece of the car leading onto the next, and watching as it reaches its clever, classy conclusion.