Trends come and go, but there are some fads that we just can't shake...


1. Social Media

woman on the phone


Ok, so MySpace and Friendster have been replaced by Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but we still love everything about social media, and our obsession just isn’t going away! We use it for everything from dating to party-planning and we check in whenever we can.


2. Kim Kardashian’s bum

Kim Kardashian

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We’re just transfixed with Kim’s ample behind. Thanks to her and other famous bootylicious babes, big bums are in!


3. Candy Crush

woman playing Candy Crush


You could even call our love of Candy Crush an addiction! We’re still playing every chance we get.


4. Emoticons



We just love using these funny little yellow faces in texts and messages. Why write a whole sentence when you can just use an emoticon instead?


5. Superfoods

kale superfood


We are all hanging on nutritionists’ every word waiting for the next superfood that will change our lives. We’ve been taken in by all of them from pomegranates to blueberries, kale and green tea.


6. Leggings



You would’ve thought this fashion fad would be consigned to the back of the wardrobe by now. But leggings are one of those trends we love so much we just can’t let them go!


7. Cats on the net

Cute kitten


Ohmigod we literally can’t get enough of cats doing cute things online! Sometimes it seems like it’s all we look at, when we’re not hard at work that is! Ahem.


8. Celeb weight loss (and gain)

Jennifer Husdon

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Who can resist looking at pics of drastic celeb body transformations? When they’ve lost weight and are looking amazing you want to know how they did it, and when they’ve put on weight you’re glad to see they aren’t superhuman after all!


9. Eyebrows a la Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

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Just as Kim Kardashian brought back the bum, Cara make BIG eyebrows fashionable again. We all want to know how to get perfect brows just like hers!


10. Coconut Oil

coconut oil


Coconut Oil has managed to go beyond superfood status. It has become a must-have super product! We use it in our cooking, on our body, in our hair and basically any way we can think of. We wonder what we did before we discovered just how great it is!


11. Fad diets

woman eating cabbage


We know a healthy balanced diet is the way to lose weight. But when the latest fad comes along, we always give it a go, no matter how ridiculous it is. So I have to take a cold shower every morning and drink lemon water before eating only cabbage? Sure why not?


12. Celeb couples

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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We just LOVE a celebrity couple. From Kimye to Brangelina we can’t get enough of them!


Which fads are you still obsessed with?