TV played a huge part in our young lives. Certain programmes had us glued to the screen, but which ones made the biggest impact? You know you're a child of the 80s when you watched these classic TV programmes…


1. Button Moon

button moon 80s tvWe loved this 80s TV classic. The Spoon family lived on Junk Planet and Mr Spoon used his baked-bean-tin spaceship to fly across Blanket Sky to Button Moon. Along the way, he’d meet new people. All together now, ‘We’re off to Button Moon..!’


2. Danger Mouse

Danger-Mouse-The-Complete-Collection-10-Disc-Set-14857104-5Voiced by David Jason, this British cartoon was 80s TV gold. Danger Mouse – the world’s greatest secret agent – with the help of his tiny faithful sidekick, Penfold, fought against the world’s evil. It was so popular, a revival will hit our screens this year!


3. Grange Hill

Past and present from Grange Hill

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This gripping BBC1 drama spanned 30 years, but we always tuned in during the 80s. Based in a secondary school, the gritty, real-life story lines had us hooked. Do you remember Tucker and Ziggy?


4. He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

he man 80stvAnother 80s TV classic! This action-adventure cartoon was based on the Mattel toys and took place in fictional Eternia. When Prince Adam held the Sword of Power and shouted ‘By the power of Greyskull: I have the power!’ he transformed into He-Man. (Oh, and big up She-Ra, eh, girls?!)


5. Inspector Gadget

gadgetBumbling policeman Inspector Gadget was known for his helicopter hat, extending arms and pop-up roller skates. With the help of his niece Penny and their dog Brain, the team solved mysteries. Go, Gadget, go!


6. Hartbeat

morph 80s tvThis 80s TV arts programme never failed to get our creative juices flowing! Presented by Tony Hart, we adored Morph (and later Chas), the plasticine characters who interacted with Hart.


7. SuperTed

supertedJust an ordinary bear, SuperTed is brought to life by cosmic dust after being deemed defective in the toy factory where he was created (we know the feeling!). He transforms into a superhero and, with his pal Spotty, they faced trouble head-on.


8. Bananaman

bananamanAnother classic 80s cartoon! With the help of banana munching, a schoolboy gains power and becomes a superhero in this animated version of the famous comic strip. Banana power! (And it got us eating one of our five a day!)


9. Going Live

Television - BBC - Going Live!This never failed to get us out of bed on Saturday mornings in the late 80s! Originally presented by Phillip Schofield and Sarah Greene, we’ve never forgotten Trevor and Simon or Gordon the Gopher!


10. Count Duckula

count duckulaA loose parody on Count Dracula, this cartoon was set in Transylvania and saw Duckula, a centuries-old vampire and his butler, Igor, embarking on adventures in search of fame and riches. His castle could also teleport around the world… Always useful!


11. Knightmare

knightmare06This adventure game show saw 4 children (aged 11-16) complete quests and puzzles as a team to navigate their way out of the dungeon each week. It used early ‘virtual reality’ interactive gameplay – and we always wished we could take part!


12. Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

DogtanianWe loved this canine take on Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. Dogtanian quickly befriended Porthos, Athos and Aramis and together they formed an invincible team helping the King of France. One for all, and all for one!


Which 80s TV programmes do you miss the most? Let us know in the comments section below!