Following these recipes could lead to some interesting dinners. Bon appetit!


1. Obviously a kiss and tell!

weird cooking books 1


2. At last a book to solve the dilemma of there not being enough meat to go round during your 3-way!

weird cooking books 2


3. Guess who’s coming for dinner?

weird cooking books 3


4. Fifty? Really fifty?

weird cooking books 4


5. For s**t cooks everywhere

weird cooking book 5


6. Yes – but I couldn’t eat a whole one!

strange cooking books 6


7. Promises promises – let’s hope that soufflé doesn’t flop!

strange cooking books 7


8. As weird cookery books go, this one’s worth a gander.

strange cooking books 8


9. Well if you will lean against the oven…

strange cooking books 9


10. Cake my day!!!

10 stud muffin

11. Dying to use this one.

strange cooking books 11



No seconds for me – I’m full.  What strange and weird cookery books do you own? Let us know in the comments below…