With talk of a renunion next year to mark the 20th anniversary of their first no.1 single Wannabe, we look back on the reasons we loved (and still love) the Spice Girls!


1. The catchy songs

OK, first things first, we loved their music! With their fun, catchy and upbeat hits including Wannabe, Spice Up Your Life, Who Do You Think You Are – we adored every song. They’re still sure to go down a storm at any party!


2. The tear jerkers

The Spice Girls knew exactly how to master the slow ballads too – think Viva Forever, Too Much, Goodbye. Who didn’t get emotional listening to Goodbye, their fitting song after Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) left the band, and 5 became 4.

3. Their merchandise

The Spice Girls didnt hold back with their merch – you could pretty much get anything and everything with thier faces on it (and we wanted everything too). They also joined with other big brands such as Pepsi, Walkers, Chupa Chup and Impulse – yes, they even had their own deodorant!

4. Decorating our 90s bedrooms

We absolutely loved buying mags such as Smash Hits and Top of The Pops just for the posters! In fact, we’d carefully cut out any Spice Girl image, and it was straight up on the wall (if there was space of course!)

PA Photos

PA Photos

5. The dance routines

Stop Right Now…Thank You Very Much…. Yes you still know what to do!

6. The Union Jack dress

They all had their trademark oufits. Posh Spice often wore black, Sporty Spice a tracksuit, Baby Spice in pink and Scary in leopardprint. But who can ever forget the iconic Union Jack dress Ginger Geri wore at the 1997 Brit Awards – we loved it!

PA Photos

PA Photos

7. The lyrics

We loved belting out all their hits – we were word perfect! We might not have realised at 8 years old exactly what 2 become 1 was all about, but reading the lyrics back now, we’re shocked (and amused) at the saucy lyrics. Pretty tame nowadays though, eh!

8. The movie

We were so excited when the girls announced they’d be starring in their own movie Spiceworld. It didn’t get the best reviews, but it took $100 million at the box office worldwide – and we certainly weren’t complaining with an hour-and-a-half of Spice action!

9. Choosing who you were

We loved forming our own Spice Girls band with our friends! Were you Sporty or Posh? This could often end up in big dramas though, if two of you were fighting to be the same Spice!

PA Photos

PA Photos

10. The platform shoes

It’s a wonder Emma Bunton didn’t break her neck. Yes they were ridiculous, but we still wanted a pair!

11. The dolls

There were 11 different sets of dolls released, along with a sound stage playset and extra costumes. What more could you want! We imagine these will be worth a fortune in the future.

PA Photos

PA Photos

12. Girl Power

We couldn’t get enough of Girl Power – all about spreading positivity, being who you are, and sticking together!



We loved the Spice Girls (and still do!). Fingers crossed for a reunion next year!