We all have certain foods that we just can’t resist, no matter how hard we try! Whether it’s chocolate or chips, these snacks are enough to make even the strongest of us weak at the knees.


1. Doughnuts

irresistable foods: donuts


These fried desserts are perfect rings of sugary heaven. How can you ever resist a box of fresh doughnuts? Sure, you end up with sugar all over your face, but it is totally worth it!


2. Biscuits

irresistable foods: biscuits


A cup of tea just isn’t the same without a biscuit to dunk in it. Whatever your favourite, we all find these little gems hard to turn down.


3. Cake

irresistable foods cake


Mmm… cake! This baked dessert comes in all shapes, flavours and sizes, and we love them all! We’ve all found our willpower buckling under the pressure of being offered a delicious looking slice.


4. Buttered toast

irresistable foods: buttered toast


Don’t you just love sinking your teeth into hot buttery toast? Whether you favour brown, granary or white, buttered toast is always a winner.


5. Chocolate

woman eating chocolate


This sweet snack is the undoing of many attempts to diet. Chocolate is most people’s treat of choice, and who can blame them? Chocolate cake, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, we love it all!


6. Cheese



Cheese is loved the world over. We put it in our pastries and sandwiches, on our pizzas and salads and we even make cakes from it. Almost any meal can be made better with cheese!


7. Crisps

food we can't resist woman with crisp


These fried potato snacks are massively popular with us Brits. From prawn cocktail to cheese and onion, everyone has their favourite flavour and brand of crisps.


8. Ice cream

Two ice cream cones


Hot weather always has us craving this frozen dessert. There is nothing better than having an ice cream cone while walking bare foot on the beach…sheer bliss.


9. Pizza

woman eating pizza


Italians really got this one right! Pizzas are a prefect combination of hot dough, tomatoes and cheese. Who can resist a cheeky slice?


10. Bacon

fry up


The smell of this yummy product sizzling away is heaven to our nostrils! We Brits love our fry-ups, and bacon is an absolute essential.


11. Croissants

woman holding croissant


These beautifully flaky, buttery pastries are pure genius! You can have them, hot, cold, sweet or savoury. Croissants, we hail you!


12. Chips

Chips with ketchup


What’s not to like? If you prefer thin or thick cut, home made or shop bought, these fried potatoes are simply irresistible.


Is your great weakness in this list of irresistible foods? Let us know in the comments box below…