By now you've probably all read THAT Mumsnet post. But if you haven't, one mum admitted finding a Pringles tube of urine in her son's room! Mums everywhere rushed forward in support, confessing all about the 'interesting' things they'd found in their teenagers' bedrooms. So we trawled the Internet's reaction to the post and came up with a list of the most disgusting things discovered in teen rooms. And, while we already knew teenagers could be a bit smelly and gross, even we were shocked!


1. Stale pizza

Teenagers bedrooms


Most of us have woken up a tad worse for wear and eaten last night’s takeaway pizza. But this was buried deep under the bed. So, who knows how long this teen had been storing his stuffed crust?


2. Empty crisp packets

Sometimes, lolloping to the bin is just too much for lazy teens. Mums seem to find a lot of sweet bags and choccy wrappers in their teenagers’ bedrooms, too.


3. Used tissues

teenagers bedrooms


We’re not even going to ask what they’ve been used for…


4. A man!

Imagine this parent’s horror when they found a bloke in their daughter’s room. Bet she was grounded for a loooong time!


5. Stick of dynamite

teenagers bedrooms


Yep. You read that right. One teenager had a stick of dynamite in his room. Don’t worry, his mum found it before the place went kaboom.


6. Crusty socks

This gross discovery comes up quite a lot. And one poor mother found what she could only describe as her son’s ‘special’ sock. Eww.


7. Pringles tube of urine

teenagers bedrooms


Of course, it had to make it onto the list. That now infamous Pringle tube of urine. She wrote on Mumsnet, ‘I reached out to pick it up, expecting it to be light…it was heavy, and full of liquid. I opened and sniffed..!’ But judging by the rest of the list, if that’s all this poor mum has to contend with, she can count herself lucky!


8. Used condom

Ick. But at least they were being safe, right?


9. Piles of dirty laundry

teenagers bedrooms


You can usually spot a teen’s bedroom by the piles of stinking clothes. No matter how many trips they make past the laundry basket/washing machine, their dirty clothes never seem to make it there. Unless, of course, they’ve grown enough bacteria to crawl there…


10. Pornography

Nothing strange about that. Porn seems to be a staple of every teenage boy’s bedroom. Although one mum did also find a vibrating vagina. We couldn’t help but chuckle when we read that one!


11. Mouldy food

teenagers bedrooms


Sarnies seem to be the biggest culprit here. Other gross, mould-infested food found in teenagers’ bedrooms include rancid cereal, rotting green beans and mouldy cups.


12. Vomit in a drawer

Yes. One horrifed mother discovered sick. In a drawer. There is not really a whole lot more to say about that one.


And, with that, all that’s left to ask – although we’re a little afraid to – is what’s the worst thing you’ve found in a teenager’s bedroom? Let us know in the Comments below…