They say one’s man meat is another man’s poison, but if you see any of these disgusting foods on the menu, you may consider ordering something else...

1. Airag



In Mongolia, this beer is made by allowing horses milk to ferment into a fizzy sour alcoholic brew. Erm, think we’ll stick with lager!


2. Balut

image of disgusting food Balut


In the Philippines and Vietnam, this developed duck embryo is boiled alive and eaten straight from the shell. Etiquette states that you first sip the liquid from the shell, then crunch down on the rest – feathers, bones and all. Sounds quackers to us!


3. Casu Marzu

Image of disgusting food Casu Marzu


The name of this traditional sheep milk cheese from Sardinia translates to ‘rotten cheese’. Yup that’s right. The inside is hollowed out; cheese flies lay their eggs and when the larvae break out the cheese is eaten, wriggling white maggots and all! Ooh yummy!


4. Durian

Image of disgusting food Durian


This large prickly southeast Asian fruit smells so bad that it’s banned from some hotels, many public places and the whole of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit system. Phew!


5. Fegu

image of fisgusting food, puffer fish


A Japanese delicacy, this cute looking puffer fish contains a deadly venom that could at best  paralyse you, and at worst will kill you. No anti-venom exists, but it’s still served up in top-end restaurants by licensed chefs. A trace of venom is left behind for a tingle on the tongue – and the thrill of a brush with death. Bonkers!


6. Hakarl



Cured, rotten shark…sounds appetising? In Iceland a gutted, headless shark is buried for a few months under stones and gravel, then cut into strips and dried. It smells revolting, and we can only image how it tastes!


7. Kopi Luwak

image of disgusting food, kopi luwak


The most expensive  – and unusual – cup of coffee you’ll ever taste, because the beans have passed right through the digestive system of an Asian palm civet, a mammal native to southeast Asia. They’re picked out of their poo before being roasted and made into coffee. Gives the term ‘coffee breath’ a whole new meaning!

 8. Pidan



Whoever thought that preserving eggs in a mixture of ash, salt, quicklime, rice hulls and clay for several weeks would be a good idea? The result is a Chinese delicacy, also known as Thousand-Year-Old Egg.  The rotten egg has a dark green yolk and smells like a ripe stink bomb. Tempting!

9. Rocky mountain oysters

image of disgusting foods, bulls testicles


Well, they might be from the US Rocky Mountains, but they’re not oysters! Prepare yourself for a plate full of bull-calf testicles – peeled, flattened, and deep-fried. You’d certainly need some balls to try them!


10. Sannakji

image of disgustng food, live octopus


How do you fancy tucking into a dish of raw octopus? It’s so fresh that it’s still partially alive. All you have to do is put the still moving pieces in your mouth and chew really well so there’s no chance of the suction cups on the tentacles sticking to the inside of your mouth or throat and choking you. Er, we’ll pass, thanks!


11. Sursromming

imge of disgusting foods, tin and can opener


In Sweden, these fermented herrings come in a tin, which, once opened, smell so disgusting that they have to be eaten outdoors. The consensus of opinion is that it has the worst smell of any food in the world – so why on earth would you eat it?


12. Tarantulas

Image of deep fried tarantula


These huge spiders were first eaten by Cambodians starving under the Khmer Rouge regime. Bizarrely, they became popular and are now served as a deep-fried snack throughout the country. Apparently they taste a bit like crab. We’ll take your word for it!


Have you ever eaten any of these disgusting foods?