Spring is finally here! It’s the season when everything is growing and coming to life. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming and many animals are waking from their winter's sleep. Best of all spring is the perfect time for baby animals to be born! Check out these cuties…


1. There’s snout to be sad about!

spring animals piglet


How could you resist this little guy’s face? He’s just so happy to see everyone!


2. Chick in wings!

spring animals chick


It wouldn’t be Easter without seeing cute fluffy chicks. You’d be protective over this little chap too.


3. Heaven-scent squirrel

spring animals squirrel


This little dude is full of the joys of spring. He’s so chuffed to see the flowers blooming that he just can’t get enough!


4. Lemme give you a bear hug!

spring animals bears


We love playing outside in the springtime too. These two playful bears are really making the most of it.


5. Prancing pony

spring animals pony


Prancing about in the meadow is what this pony was born to do.


6. They’ll never see me here!

spring animals field mouse


Look at this adorable mini fieldmouse! Mice particularly love the spring because the new foliage provides lots of new hiding places.


7. Duck down a bit and I’ll tell you a secret!

spring animals bunny and duckling


Unlikely friends but this bunny and duckling are undeniably adorable!


8. So happy I could fly!

spring animals dog

PA Photos

Springtime clearly has this little guy jumping for joy. Who could blame him?


9. Lazy lamb

spring animals lamb


This little lamb is taking a break from gambolling about the fields with his friends.


10. Feathering her nest

spring animals black bird


Springtime always welcomes new life, and these chicks are no exception. This mother looks very proud of her brood.


11. Monkey business

spring animals monkeys


These monkeys couldn’t resist stealing these flowers. They look like they’re not sure whether they should smell them or eat them.


12. Darling duckling fits the bill

spring animals duckling


Let’s face it, this guy knows he’s cute. Poser!


Now that it’s springtime, will you be making the most of it like these spring animals? Let us know what you’re getting up to in the comments below…