Do you remember which movies had a big impact on you in the 00s? You know you're a child of the millenium when you watched these famous films...


1. Mean Girls

00s films: Mean Girls

Mean Girls focuses on the social cliques within high school. This teen comedy was a big hit for child star Lindsay Lohan. She played new girl Cady who had a love/hate friendship with the school’s popular girls, known as The Plastics.


2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

00s films: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

2001 saw the beginning of the Harry Potter films. We all loved the books and the films really did bring Harry’s wizarding world to life. No wonder its young cast quickly became stars in their own right.


3. Finding Nemo

00s films: Finding Nemo

A spectacular underwater adventure, with heartfelt emotion, comedy and memorable characters. Finding Nemo follows the journey of a protective clownfish called Marlin and his son Nemo, who become separated in the Great Barrier Reef.


4. Iron Man

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Marvel Comics brought us the billionaire superhero Iron Man. This unlikely hero’s alter-ego Tony Stark is anything but loveable, but as Iron Man we were all rooting for him to save the day. This film was responsible for resurrecting Robert Downey Jnr’s faltering career.


5. Twilight


Based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight followed Bella Swan discovering the secret behind the mesmerizing, captivating Cullen family and falling irrevocably in love Edward Cullen – the vampire with a heart. Four more films were released in the hugely successful franchise.


6. Bring It On


Based on the rivalry surrounding cheerleading competitions, Bring In On was the ultimate American teen film of the 00s. It was also responsible for turning Kirsten Dunst from child actress to teen star.


7. Pirates of the Caribbean


Fun fact! Did you know the Pirates of the Caribbean story was based on a ride at Disney theme parks? The film follows the adventures of the mischievous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp.


8. Spider-Man

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Toby Maguire played the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in this 00s trilogy. Released in 2002, this Marvel-inspired film was an instant hit telling the tale of a much-loved childhood hero, brought bang up to date with a modern New York City setting.


9. Step Up


You can thank Step Up for bringing us Channing Tatum. This high octane dance film was so popular, they went on to make two more. Step Up is a modern day mixture of other dance movie hits, Fame and Flashdance, and includes a typical underdog story.


10. Shrek


We all love a good fairytale and Shrek was like no other. It brought us the fierce, fun trio – Shrek the ogre, Donkey and Princess Fiona. With an all-star cast this animation was another Dreamworks hit.


11. Batman Begins


Batman Begins was the first film of The Dark Knight trilogy. This sinister retelling of the well-known story appealed to a modern audience. With Christian Bale as Batman and Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, Batman Begins was the perfect start the brilliant film series.


12. High School Musical


An original Disney movie which brought us Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens as Troy and Gabriella. Two teens who are worlds apart meet and discover their mutual love for music. And lets face it we all know the songs!


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