The sun's shining and festival season's in full swing! If you're off to any music festivals this summer, or if you've already been to one, you'll definitely meet at least some of these types of people...


1. The newbies

Tent festivals fail

You can spot the newbies a mile off by their clean, shiny wellies, their matching macs and their inability to pitch a tent. They’re also the ones who get too excited and party too hard on the first night, writing off the second day!

2. The fashionistas

Fashionable festivals

They’ve been trawling the ‘Festivals’ section of the Topshop website and have bought everything they’ve seen – short shorts, off-the-shoulder tops, daisy-chain headpiece… Sadly, all their gladrags will be covered in mud within hours, and they’ll wish they’d just brought old T-shirts!

3. The old-timers


‘When I was at Glasto back in 81…’ They’ve been there, done that, and got a wardrobe full of branded T-shirts to prove it. They’ll be full of advice about where to go, what to see and what to avoid.

4. The druggies

Drugs at festivals

Every festival has a ‘druggie area’ – if you inadvertently end up there, expect to be approached by lots of shifty people selling their wares. They’ll also be the ones throwing shapes like maniacs in the dance tent at 2am.

5. The families

Family at festival

It takes a certain type of person to take small children to a festival – a brave one! You’ll see them dragging buggies through the mud, trying not to lose one child in the crowds while rescuing the other one who’s stuck in the sludge. There’s lots to keep kids entertained at festivals, but it must be hard work for the parents!

6. The glampers

Couple glamping

Too posh to pitch! Glampers want all the good bits of a festival – the music, food and atmosphere – without any of the bad bits – sleeping on the ground, lack of showers, having to carry and put up your own tent. If you can afford it, why not!

7. The loners


Some people go to festivals alone – maybe because none of their pals wanted to join them, or maybe they’re just not fazed by going solo and fancied a weekend of great music surrounded by like-minded people. But then again, they might be alone because they’re weirdos, so be careful before you take them under your wing…

8. The hardcore music fans

Music festival

There’s so much more than just music at most festivals, but this group of people don’t think so. They’ll stay in their tents for the majority of the day, and only head out when the first act they want to see comes on. They’ll have a strict programme of back-to-back music scheduled for the whole weekend.

9. The drunkards

People getting drunk

For some, the festival experience is all about getting as smashed as possible. They might not remember much of it afterwards, but they’ll have a great time!

10. The try-hards

Campfire singing

To find the try-hards, follow the sound of the strumming guitar. They’ll be gathered around a campfire in a circle singing songs, and exchanging stories about backpacking across south-east Asia.

11. The hippies

Hippy at festivals

You feel gross not having washed for a couple of days, but you get the feeling that this is just the norm for the hippies – they’re at one with the earth! Spot them by their dreadlocks and once-brightly-coloured-now-grubby harem trousers – similar to above but these guys are authentic!