Where there’s food, you’ll find them. No high street or park is safe either. With their beady eyes, scruffy feathers and scrawny beaks, pigeons are everywhere. So if you’re afraid of the feathery pests, it can make life pretty tricky. Here are the things only pigeon-phobes will understand…


1. The flap

The sound of their flapping wings is enough to leave us in, well, a flap. We hear that noise coming a mile off and it sounds like impending doom.

2. Too close for comfort

Pigeons have no sense of personal space and no matter how hard we try to manoeuvre around them, they always seem to creep up on us and make us jump.



3. The kick and shuffle

We’ve all tried this, kicking our foot out as a pigeon approaches in a final, desperate attempt to get it to fly away and out of sight. Instead they always seem to flap at us, or fly close to our heads. It’s almost as though they do it on purpose.

4. Bird feed

Eating outside isn’t an option, we fear for our safety. We hate it when we spot people feeding pigeons in the park. Now the little blighters will never leave! The thought of them hopping and flapping around our food is just too much – we’d rather eat inside.



5. Up high

For any pigeon-phobe, having to walk beside a building or under a bridge where pigeons are nesting in the beams above, is absolutely terrifying. We’re petrified at the thought of them swooping down and attacking us. We just know their beady eyes are watching our every move too.

6. Cooing

Their cooing sends shivers down our spine. It’s almost as though those bully birds are mocking us. Leave us alone!




7. Bird poo

Finding pigeon poo on your car is annoying for anyone. But for a pigeon-phobe, it makes us want to throw up. The thought of those feathery beasts being anywhere near our car will give us nightmares for weeks.

8. The swoop

When we see a pigeon flying low, it’s our natural reflex to scream and duck. We can’t help it. If it flew into our head or face we’re sure to have a panic attack. Those pesky pigeons know how to taunt us. They must smell fear!



9. The embarrassment

All pigeon-phobes will have experienced some form of embarrassment because of their phobia. People look at us strangely when we jump because one flaps at us, or they laugh when we scream as one swoops at our head.

10. Kids and birds

Why do all children want to run through clusters of pigeons? Are they trying to give us pigeon-phobes a heart attack? We dread seeing a swarm of pigeons on the floor as we know exactly what will be coming next. We have to dive for cover quickly just to escape the mass of flapping feathers.



11. That one bird

There’s always that one scary pigeon we fear the most. It might be one that nests in our garden watching us from a tree with demon eyes. Or one that’s always perched on a fence we have to walk by, waiting to swoop and attack. It’s always more menacing than the rest.