There's talk that The X-Files may return. Well, it wouldn’t be the first show to be brought back from decades past! We’ve seen recent revivals of Birds of a Feather, Dallas, 24… And it got us thinking – which other old TV shows would we want back on the box?


1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


It’s been 12 years since Buffy Summers and the Scooby Gang saved the world from a ‘Big Bad’.

In the final season we saw Sunnydale collapse into a giant pit, closing the Hell Mouth.

But fans have been begging for director Joss Whedon to bring it back for years. Previously, the cult show’s star Sarah Michelle Gellar has said, ‘If there was ever the right story to tell, we would certainly do it.’

With vampire shows now more popular than ever, is it time for a Buffy revival?


2. Brookside

old tv shows: image of brookside cul de sac

For 21 years Brookie was one of soapland’s best! It gave us the first pre-watershed lesbian kiss and who can forget the body under the patio?!

Sadly Channel 4 cancelled the Scouse soap in 2003 after a decline in viewers.

Fans are still calling for its return – but it might need a set change. Brookside Close cul-de-sac is now occupied by real-life residents!


3. Friends

old tv shows: image of friends

It’s been two decades since Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe first graced our TV screens. Friends was a global hit and re-runs are still watched by millions.

There have been rumours of a Friends movie for years, and we’d love to see what the sixsome of BFFs are up to now.

Will they still be chilling out in Central Perk listening to Smelly Cat?


4. Cheers

old-tv-shows-resized-cheersBefore Friends, there was Cheers! Where Everybody Knows Your Name!

Cheers ran from 1982 to 1993 and followed the regulars of a Boston bar. Its spin-off Frasier also ran for 11 seasons until 2004.

Each won an impressive collection of awards – a relaunch of both American sitcoms would be popular.


5. The Bill

old tv shows: image of the bill

Fans were shocked when ITV axed long-running police soap The Bill after a 27-year run.

Despite a fall in ratings, viewers begged for it to be re-commissioned, even starting petitions.

We can only hope our fave PCs will one day walk the Sun Hill beat again.


6. One Foot in the Grave

old tv shows: one foot in the grave

I don’t believe it! BBC’s One Foot in the Grave has been off our screens for 15 years!

The classic British sitcom ran for six series and seven Christmas specials, following retired Victor Meldrew and his long-suffering wife, Margaret.

It might be a tough one to bring back though, as the end saw the sad demise of the lovably grumpy Victor Meldrew!


7. Only Fools and Horses


‘This time next year, we’ll be millionaires!’

If you’ve never seen an episode of Only Fools and Horses, you must have spent the last 31 years living under a rock.

The nation fell in love with market trader Del Boy, his ‘plonker’ brother Rodney and their get-rich-quick schemes back in the 80s.

A special Sport Relief sketch guest-starring David Beckham aired in March 2014 – but we can never get enough of the Peckham duo.


8. Cagney & Lacey


Cagney and Lacey aired from 1982 to 1988, following no-nonsense female New York crime-fighters.

It was one of the first shows to have two female leads.

The detectives returned briefly for a 1994 TV movie, but there are still hopes of a modern day revival.


9. Blackadder


Blackadder and his dogsbody Baldrick were last seen going ‘over the top’ of the trenches and charging into no man’s land back in 1989.

It was a powerful ending for the cult classic, yet fans are still demanding more 25 years on.

There have been one-off specials and rumours of a fifth series – could a shock return be on the cards?


10. Fawlty Towers

old tv shows: fawlty towers

Who wouldn’t want to see grumpy hotelier Basil Fawtly back on our screens? And of course his bossy wife Sybil and hapless waiter Manuel.

But it’s been more than 40 years since the first series in 1973 and sadly John Cleese says the cast are ‘too old and tired’ for a reunion.

Looks like we’ll have to make do with that well-used boxset.


11. Miami Vice


Top cop show Miami Vice had a successful five-series run, and is still regularly shown on TV.

It’s been 30 years since the show aired, and fans have been itching for more ever since bidding farewell to James ‘Sonny’ Crockett in 1990.

You never know… recent rumours of a reunion or reboot for 2016 have sent the internet into a frenzy.


Which old TV shows would you love to see back on the small screen?