Whether you use them at work, to get to your flat, or in a shopping centre, most of us use lifts. But some people just don’t know how to behave properly in them. Here are the cardinal lift sins and the rules of lift etiquette which will make sure you're a considerate lift passenger next time…

1. The In Your Facer

Don’t face someone you don’t know in a lift. Equally don’t face into the lift when you get in. It makes everyone feel really uncomfortable, you’re basically staring at them.

2. The Non-mover

Move out of the way or get out of the lift if someone is trying to get by. Don’t just stand there when someone wants to move past you. If you’re near the door, get out of the lift, don’t just leave them a tiny space to get through. You’ll appreciate them doing the same for you!

3. The Mouse

Say excuse me if you need to get past in a lift. Don’t just presume they know what floor you’re trying to get off at. They aren’t mind-readers!

lift etiquette woman crowded into lift


4. The Squeezer

Don’t squeeze yourself into a packed lift. You get too close to the other lift travellers and you might suffer the cringe moment when your bag blocks the door.

5. The Barger

Let people out of the lift before you get in. You shouldn’t have to battle with people getting in while you are trying to get out!

6. The Dawdler

If you’re getting out of the lift, do it swiftly. There’s nothing worse than waiting for someone to leave the lift and them taking so long that the doors close before you get a chance to get in. Grrrr!

hand pressing lift buttons


7. The Button Blocker

If you’re near the buttons and someone’s trying to see if the floor they want is pressed, ask them what floor they want. They shouldn’t have to barge through people to press a button.

8. The Space Invader

If there is only one other person in the lift when you get in, don’t stand right next to them. You don’t want to be that weirdo!

9. The Sharer

Don’t have arguments or personal conversations in the lift. Everyone else is listening to you, even if they don’t want to be.

woman looking in mirror life etiquette


10. The Vanity Project

If the lift is mirrored, don’t use it as your personal bathroom mirror. It’ll make the other lift users very uncomfortable! It also makes you look like a vain idiot.

11. The Fartist

Under no circumstances should you ever fart in a lift. Think of those poor people who will be left with your stench once you make a swift exit.

Don’t forget these rules of lift etiquette next time you get into a lift. Everyone else will thank you for it!


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