Gotcha! These 11 dumb criminals from the USA certainly hadn't perfected the art of making a clean getaway!


1.  Unlucky streak!

Talk about dumb criminals! Worried he’d be recognised more easily in his clothes, a bank robber in Los Angeles stripped naked before committing the crime. Strangely enough, a naked man scarpering with carrier bags stuffed to bursting with dollars wasn’t too hard to spot and he was soon caught by the fuzz!

2. Watch out!

A knifeman in New Jersey robbed a shop. But, unfortunately for him, as he tried to make his getaway, his trousers fell down…he tripped over a fire hydrant… and knocked himself out!

3. Nosy!

A man robbing a bank in Orlando was caught on CCTV seemingly wearing a fake-glasses-and-huge-nose disguise. A local paper printed the photo and several people rang in with the bloke’s name. His massive conk was real!

4. It’s me!

A dopey bank robber in Pennsylvania was picked up within minutes of a crime. His name was conveniently embroidered across the back of the jacket he was wearing!

5. Heads-up!

In Texas, a man held up a bank next to a police station, but waited patiently in the queue to get to the cashier…already wearing his balaclava disguise. A suspicious customer popped next door and the robber was arrested as he left the bank!

6. You’re bust!

Prison warders in Ohio thought a female inmate was looking a bit more busty than usual. As it seemed unlikely she’d escaped long enough to get a boob job (and then broken back into jail!), warders searched her. Under her top, they found two huge balloons sagging under the weight of contraband whiskey!

7. Unmasked!

A Californian criminal held up a Los Angeles shop but his mask came off, his shotgun fell to bits and his bag burst, sending bundles of cash flying. He’d probably have escaped if he hadn’t returned 90 minutes later to pick up the money…

8. Odd job!

A thief in Minnesota stole a car and thought he’d got away with it after he dumped it on some waste ground. Unfortunately, he’d left his handwritten CV underneath the seat!

9. Caught on camera!

A shoplifter in New York stole a Polaroid camera, but threw it away after a picture he took of himself came out blank. By the time the police found the snap, it’d developed into a perfect mugshot of the culprit!

10. Doing time!

An obedient tea-leaf in Alabama tried to rob a bank but, when he pulled his gun, staff told him to go to another queue. He waited there for 20 minutes…which gave the cops plenty of time to get there and nab him!

11. Your fault!

Two robbers in New York held up a store at gunpoint, but one accidentally shot the other in the leg. They were still arguing about it when the police turned up to arrest them!

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