We all love our shoes, but few of us have ones as unusual as these beauties. Here are a selection of the wackiest and most creative shoes ever. They really are works of art for your feet!



1. Miao by Kobi Levi

Miao shoesOne for the cat lovers out there. We think these shoes are just purr-fect!


2. Nova by United Nude with Zaha Hadid

nova shoesLaunched in 2013 as part of a limited edition haute couture collection, these crazy creations were designed by architect Zaha Hadid and cost a cool £1300.


3. Mr and Mrs shoes by Irregular Choice

Mr and Mrs shoesWe love these quirky wedding-inspired shoes. They are little wearable works of art, and at £139, well worth it!


4. Homage to Egbert by Dutch artist Linda van Reenen

Linda van Reenen shoes

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These brilliantly weird shoes were part of the exhibition ‘History under your feet, 3000 years of shoes’ at the Toy Worlds Museum in Basel. What a great new use for all of our old Polly Pockets!


5. Banana slipper by Kobi Levi

banana shoesThe ingenious design of these shoes means you are now able to wear banana skins on your feet. Who knew bananas could be so versatile!


6. Mojito shoes by Julian Hakes

Mojito shoesIf you want amazing, gravity-defying shoes, these iconic beauties are for you! They were named Mojito by Hakes because they look like lime peel.


7. Bones & Weapons by artist and designer Svenja Ritter

weird but wonderful shoes

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Ritter’s shoes are encrusted with pearls, needles and glass splinters. Not ideal for a night out on the town, but great to look at!


8. Heartbreak boots by Irregular Choice

Heartbreak shoesWant to wear the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll on your feet? Of course you do!


9. Blond Ambition by Kobi Levi

blond ambition shoesInfluenced by Jean-Paul Gaultier’s coned corset for Madonna, Kobi Levi’s beautiful heels really do have star quality.


10. Me Time by Milly J Shoes

Me Time,shoesThese beautiful towelling creations come complete with mini towels, toiletries and a magazine! Just don’t wear them in the tub.


Would you ever wear any of these, or maybe not? Tell us…