Do you remember what you wore in the 90s? Maybe this lot might jog some memories of fashion choices you'd rather forget. You know you were a child of the 90s when you wore these 90s fashions...


1. Dungarees

90s fashion woman wearing dungarees


Nothing says 90s more than dungarees. Preferably worn with one strap undone, these unisex overalls were popular with everyone.


2. Juju Jellies

Juju jellies 90s fashion jelly shoes

Who could forget Juju Jellies? We loved these plastic jelly shoes. Available as flats or with a chunky heel, they were the height of fashion, and versatile too!


3. Hipster jeans

Hipster jeans 90s fashion


All of our trousers were hanging off our hips in the 90s. Jeans, parachute trousers or combat trousers they all had to hang low.


4. Chokers


Chokers were everywhere in the 90s. Tattoo chokers were the most popular version of this questionable fashion fad. Elasticated and available in different colours, we wore them with pride.


5. Baby G watches

Baby G watch 90s fashionBaby G watches were all the rage. Like Swatch in the 80s, these watches were game changers. Casio recently launched a vintage range. We were right all along…


6. Crop tops

woman in crop top 90s fashion


We were all showing off our midriffs. Our tops were short and our trousers hung low. Crop tops were a fashion craze you just couldn’t get away from.


7. Hair mascara and body glitter

Hair mascara 90s fashions


Remember how popular body glitter and hair mascara were? We were shining from head to toe with the colours of the rainbow in our hair.


8. Bomber jackets

Bomber jacket 90s fashions

Bomber jackets were an essential 90s fashion. Preferably black with orange lining, we were all wearing them.


9. Buffalo boots

buffalo boots 90s fashion

Thanks to the likes of The Spice Girls, Buffalos were hugely popular. These platform trainers were a must for any teenage girl.


10. Metallic

90s fashions

Metallic fabrics were everywhere in the 90s. From long silver satin skirts to stretchy metallic crop tops, we were all going space crazy.


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