Do you remember which trends we were all wearing in the post millenium decade? Did the Y2K bug scramble our fashion brains? You know you were a child of the 00s when you wore these 00s fashions...


1. Velour and towelling tracksuits

woman in velour tracksuit 00s fashion


Preferably by Juicy Couture and with the word juicy emblazoned across the rear, we were all wearing these tracksuits.

2. Dresses with jeans

woman wearing a dress over jeans


Remember this one? Perfect for when you couldn’t commit to wearing trousers or a dress. Sure it looked bizarre as hell, but we thought it was the height of fashion.

3. Von Dutch trucker caps

Von Dutch cap 00s fashion

We all had these trucker caps glued to our heads. They came in all kinds of colours and patterns, perfect for wearing with our baby blue Juicy tracksuit! We loved them.

4. Skinny jeans

skinny jeans 00s fashion


These unforgiving, figure hugging jeans became a wardrobe staple in the 00s. The tighter the better! In an ideal world, they would look you were poured into them. We were all hunting for our perfect pair.

5. Ugg boots

Ugg Sheepskin boots


Uggs first hit our shelves in the 00s and we’ve never looked back. These Australian sheepskin boots were everywhere. We couldn’t get enough of them! Uggs were warm, comfortable and fashionable, how could you resist them?

6. Morgan, Jane Norman and Kookai

00s fashion

We worshipped these shops 00s. Remember wearing a Jane Norman carrier bag on your shoulder like a status symbol? Or buying the black Kookai canvas tote before totes were even fashionable? We loved everything about these shops, but sadly it didn’t last. Morgan and Kookai have closed their UK shops and Jane Norman is nowhere near as popular as it once was.

7. Vest tops



Of course, we always wore vests, but in the 00s they became a fashion statement. Preferably in white, you wore your vest with your skinny jeans and Uggs for fashion perfection.

8. Crocs

Crocs 00s fashion


Crocs came in a range of colours and you could personalise them with special buttons that fitted into the holes. These plastic shoes were on everyone’s feet in the 00s.

9. Jersey dresses



Jersey fabric was the height of 00s fashion, but the most popular jersey item by far was the jersey dress. It was comfortable and fitted perfectly. If it was a wrap over, then you were really onto a winner.

10. Low belts over jeans

00s fashion


These belts were decorative rather than useful. It didn’t really matter if they were made from leather disks or chains, as long as they sat on your hips.


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