Ever had one of those nights when a couple of sensible drinks with mates turns into, well, carnage! We know how you feel…


1. Your wallet is empty

Like completely empty, you don’t have a penny in there. Instead you seem to have card payment receipts that you don’t recall. Heart pounding, you check your bank balance online then go puce when you realise you spent HOW much?!!

2. Your mouth is dryer than the desert

At this point water seems like the best invention ever. You wonder why you ever drink anything else.

signs you had too much to drink


3. You find unexplained items about your person

Just who the hell is ‘Derek’ and why do you have his number scribbled on the back of a napkin? And hang on…is that really a tattoo…of a pixie…on your buttock?!!

4. You feel the need to check your phone activity

You have the fear. Did you make some suspect phone calls? Or send some ill-advised Facebook messages? You are consumed with impending doom.

woman nervous looking at phone signs you had too much to drink


5. You wonder if you came home with all of your stuff

You frantically do a check when you wake up. Did you manage to make it home without leaving your favourite scarf on the bus? Relief washes over you when you realise you still have everything, except maybe your dignity.

6. Your head is pounding

You feel like there is a brass band playing in your head. Why is everything so loud? Even the sound of your own breathing is annoying you.

woman with a pounding headache


7. Your friends keep asking how you are feeling

You weren’t that drunk were you? They clearly all seemed to think you were… cringe.

8. The thought of food makes you feel ill

The idea of eating seems completely insane. You wonder how you will ever be able to eat again. Those people who have fry-ups first thing in the morning with a hangover, how do they do it?

woman not able to eat


9. You think you told people some home truths

Did you tell some people exactly what you thought of them?  Oh well, you tell yourself it’s better that they know how you feel anyway.

10. You vow never to drink again

Alcohol is clearly the devil’s poison. You will never, ever drink again. Hangovers just aren’t worth the hassle! Well, until next weekend…

woman with a hangover



Next time you’ve have too much to drink and you are cringing thinking about the night before, remember we’ve all been there!