Do you remember which toys you were playing with in the 90s? From Tamagotchi to Supersoaker, this lot will take you on a trip down memory lane. You know you are a child of the 90s when you loved these 90s toys...


1. Tamagotchi

90s toys: Tamogotchi


We all went crazy for these egg sized digital pets that needed your undivided attention. It was like having the responsibility of having a pet without any of the mess. Tamagotchi taught us 90s kids valuable lessons: Everyone needs food, play and some TLC…..and then you die!

2. Polly Pocket
90s toys: Polly Pocket

There was no other doll in the world that was so adorably small as the original Polly Pocket. Each compact came in various shapes and inside were completely different worlds for Polly Pocket to live in. We had hours of fun with this tiny toy.

3. Game Boy
90s toys: game boy

This was luxury gaming at its finest. With a three inch green screen, you could play Tetris or Mario Land whenever and wherever you wanted. By the end of the 90s Nintendo had created the colour Game Boy, imagine gaming in colour on the go!

4. Super Soaker
90s toys: Super Soaker

Summers weren’t complete without one of these! With this water gun you were committed to getting the job done. Pumping the Super Soaker air-pressure chambers until you could pump no more….then spray your friend standing 50 feet away.

5. Trolls

90s toys: Trolls


These ugly little critters marched their way into our hearts in the 90s. They became the doll to collect. They were available in a wide range of sizes and colours, and came complete with cute little outfits. We were all going Troll crazy.

6. Beanie Babies
90s toys: beanie babies

We all went mad for these stuffed animals which launched in 1993. Beanie babies weren’t for playing with. With many limited addition bears on sale, these soft toys quickly became collectible, we were buying as many as we could!

7. Furby

90s toys: Furby

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This hamster/owl like creature was launched in 1998. Furby’s could interact with the environment through sight, touch, sound and physical awareness. It danced, sang, slept, wiggled its ears, blinked its eyes, and best of all, moved its mouth and actually talked.

8. Pokemon
90s toys: Pokemon

Launched in 1996, Pokemon was responsibe for a huge craze in the 90s. Let’s face it, if you were a kid of the 90s, you loved Pokemon. They had their own TV programme, toys and Top Trumps game. We couldn’t get enough of them.

9. Inline Skates

90s toys: Inline skates


In the 90s we went from roller skates to inline skates. It was like taking the stabilisers off our bikes, we felt so grown up and thought we looked really cool.

10. Pogs
90s toys: Pogs

Who could forget Pogs! Taking turns throwing the slammer down onto the top of the stack, causing it to spring up and the pogs going everywhere.


Which one of these 90s toys was your fave?