90s music was a glorious mix of Britpop, boy bands, girl groups, rap and much more. We listened to our fave 90s pop songs on our discmans again and again. You know you're a child of the 90s when you listened to this 90s music…


1. Blur

blurBritpop was rife in the 90s and we loved it! Blur represented the South in the supposed North/South divide and were known for huge hits including Country House, Parklife and Song 2. We had them on repeat!

2. Oasis


These Mancunian musicians represented the North and feuding between Blur and Oasis was supposedly rife. Oasis had chart success with the haunting Wonderwall, She’s Electric and Don’t Look Back in Anger. Classics!


3. Spice Girls


A pop act who defined the 90s and represented ‘girl power’ in the UK. The outspoken girls came onto the music scene in 1996 with their first single Wannabe. It even won a Brit Award in 1997! I’m sure they wouldn’t have thought that was Too Much…!


4. Backstreet Boys

Backstreet boys

The five distinctive members of the Backstreet Boys were put together Stateside in the early 90s. They had huge success with their catchy pop songs Quit Playing Games, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) and I Want It That Way.


5. Take That

Take that

This boy band had a huge following when they started releasing music in the early 90s. They had a string of hits and Lulu even did a duet with them! Who remembers the Do What You Like video with Gary, Mark, Robbie, Howard and Jason wearing leather and covered in cream and jelly?!


6. Steps


This bubblegum, 90s pop act was massive. With catchy tunes and easy dance routines, they had thousands of fans. Tell us you didn’t know all the dance moves to 5, 6, 7, 8…?!


7. 5ive


One of the UK’s biggest boy band offerings was 5ive. We knew all the dance moves to Keep on Movin and found ourselves singing along. Who was your favourite? Abz, J, Sean, Scott or Ritchie?


8. Britney Spears


Ms Spears was a member of the Disney Club before releasing a number of hugely successful pop albums. Baby One More Time was an anthem and Britney’s school uniform and bunches in the video quickly became iconic.


9. East 17

East 17

Boy band East 17 was formed in Walthamstow, London, and blended rap and pop in their string of hit songs. They even won the coveted Christmas UK chart Number 1 position in 1994 with Stay Another Day.


10. S Club 7


This manufactured pop band rose to fame in the late 90s through their TV show Miami 7. Their cheesy pop songs and dance routines had a huge following in the UK and around the world. We loved an S Club Party!


Which 90s music did you listen to? Which 90s pop acts would you like to see re-form?